Saturday, 3 December 2011

little bit of happiness

Happy Saturday morning, ah well afternoon all!
I know its been ages since I've posted anything, lifes just getting busier, in a good way!
In case you haven't heard the news yet, I am the new Year 1 teacher at a school in Birmingham :) Poor kids have had 4 different teachers since September, but they are remarkably good behaved, well relatively speaking. They will be much better by the end of the year :) I hope. I actually got a classroom over haul, and because so many different teachers were in the classroom, everything was just everywhere. The school had a team come in and take everything out and reorganized, labeled and put into the proper places :) So part of the week I've been trying to get it to a reasonable liking of my choice. Pictures will come up soon. I have 30 little babies, and babies is exactly what they are lol. 5-6 years olds complain about EVERY LITTLE THING, from so and so is not my friend, to so and so said bum face! OMG lol, but thankfully I have a wicked TA who is so helpful and I could not do this without her. The staff at the school is fantastic! People I don't even know were telling me they all missed me when I was off for a day. So glad I went to this interview a few weeks ago because I almost skipped out on it. I guess you really cannot predict the future and you need to try every opportunity given to you.
I have my first encounter with the parents this coming Tuesday for numeracy week. Year 1 is putting on a workshop so parents can come in and learn some numeracy activities to play with their children at home. This will be interesting because I've heard some stories lol. Can't wait to see what happens. 
So other than that great news, Christmas holidays is soon approaching and we still have not decided where to go. I need a holiday lol, at least for a week and the other week will be planning time I'm sure.
Tonight I cannot wait for! Who ever is left of our group is coming out for some tradition drinks at a pub (which btw means public house in case you didn't know, I only found that one out a few weeks ago lol)! It used to be a much more regular part of the week but everyone slowly either got busy, or broke from lack of work, but I am happy to say that everyone right now is in a good standing! yeahh! Since my last presence online, we have made loads of new friends, and by we, I mean Mike lol. So hopefully this year is a new chance of faces, but also keeping in with the original peoples :) 
I will try my best to keep you all up-to-date, but this classroom is keeping my hands tied, but thats ok, they are worth it. 

Monday, 7 November 2011

next on the list?

I know the school year has really just begun, but today I started thinking about where I want to be next year. As I was surfing the net for job posts I was reminded of the jobless summer that must come before next school year. Crikey. But I am thinking of popping to a different part of the world for September 2012. Those remote teaching jobs pay off years of education bills that for sure. I know I'm sitting thinking, hmm how bad could it be? But I am gonna guess far more than anything I would ever expect. Whats more important? Financial stability or being in a city with more than 200 people to keep you sane? Hmmm. lol. I would love to teach in Italy, but then again, not going to help me financially. Teaching in Italy would kind of be like this year. Being anywhere in Europe I think will tempt me too much to travel and what not. I want to learn Italian, which is probably why I've been looking for jobs there. Although, as I was researching possible positions, I came across a past teachers experience. In a nutshell, imagine teaching in Toronto, London, Birmingham, any inner city school and magnify that. Not to mention the natural tendencies of Italians to just be much louder. Kinda turned me off that whole idea. So now I'm thinking of where else I can go, thats not the middle east. hmm, well, only time will tell. That's it for my ranting today, I've gotta prep work for my nursery class this week. Oh so little, and so needy

Friday, 4 November 2011

first final product

I have finished a project! yeah! I've started so many things and it just takes me forever to actually get it all done, so yeah me :) I actually completed this on day two. I was on such a roll I did not want to stop so I ended up making a headband :) My next attempt will be a blanket, and I plan on keeping it forever regardless of how ugly it turns out to be :)
So stay tuned!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

possibly a granny at heart?

So its recently come to my attention that I think I have the soul of an old person. Well, in some respects at least. For instance, I have recently taken up crocheting. What 25 year old just takes up crocheting? ME, thats who! And my word, it is a tremendously harder than it looks. I started yesterday after seeing a friends blanket (which looked AMAZING! Go Lisa!) and thought, hey, how hard can that be? *YIKES* Well my first attempt looked like I had just tied the string in a bunch of knots. I think I probably stitched and undid my work 5 times before I figured it out. And at that, I thought I was doing an OK job, until today. I decided to try a different video on Youtube, which was much, much better. This is the video I watched today! I realized what I was doing wrong. Your supposed to double stitch into a double piece of yarn, not a single, and that is probably why my piece from last night looked so wrong. If the first lady would have said that I would have been much further today. If she did say it I must have missed it, or she wasn't being clear! :p 
By the end of this I hope I can make a blanket, or throw, thats my goal :) Oh right, yesterday for some reason I tried to do a wavy afrghan blanket.. whoa nelly, I think I will go back to that after I have made myself a headband! 
Now, back to my original thought... being stuck in a old persons mind. Going to bed early I think I can contribute to work, the school day starts at 9am, and unlike those of you who roll in at 9, I have massive amounts of prep work to do which means I really start at 8am. Not having a car also means I need to take the glorious public transit system :( Add an hour to that, plus getting ready... so I am up at anywhere from 5:30-6:30am. Its blows. Hand in hand with that, I get tired real early, lol, so I go to bed early. I have also noticed my lack of ability to withstand the next day after drinking. OMG. If none of these signs point to old person, this certainly does! Its feels like I have been run over by multiple trucks and the only thing I can do is sleep. SO needles to say, not a lot of drinking happening these days. But glasses of wine are still great to have in the evenings :)

Pictures of my progress, or lack there of :s 

 So to the left was probably mt second or third attempt at chaining and single stitches....

 Which then turned into this eventually... trying to double stitch then today realized it was ALL WRONG :(


This was my attempt at an afghan wave blanket.. which will be revisited sometime in the not so near future.

This is what I did today... my double stitch :) Its actually green and all the other yarns of blue and purple :s 

I am quite proud of this! Not sure what it will turn out to be, but at least its getting somewhere! 
I find the hardest part is keeping the yarn at the right amount of tension, because all my above pieces are very loose. This one is coming along!

Monday, 31 October 2011

two cats, in love?

The most outrageous thing happens on our street. Every once in a  while, two cats, one black and one white, get together under the street light (the same exact spot each time, under that certain light). And what do they do? They Talk. For hours. No joke. And they are loud, you can hear them from down the street. So last night, it happened again. Half way through watching them I decided I would try and capture this on film because it is just too funny. One bloke actually walked past them, and the cats stopped talking, as if they knew they were being watched lol. As he walked further away the cats resumed their conversation. The last time we saw these cats chat about under the street light, it seemed as if one was breaking up with the other. One cat would take small steps away and look back and say something and the other would follow trying to convince him/her to stay. It really is the best thing to watch. Its weird to think that animals talk to each other, I wish someone would invent some type of device that translates animal talking into human speech! That would be amazing. I think I just found my new lifes work. hahaha jk. Check out last nights episode lol. They get into a bit of a quarrel near the end. And note, this is from our flat, 3 stories up and across the street!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


So as I sit with my morning coffee I ponder what to do with myself. Did the job search all day yesterday so I thought I would take a brake. So, reverting back to my student life habits, I turned to Stumble Upon and came across a very neat arts and craftsy website which I am going to ad to my [people to watch] links. In the above picture she shows you how to make this magnificent paper flowers and much more. 
Great art lesson teachers! Possibly for mothers day?! :) Check it out!

Also, if you've never been to Italy, now the Sistine Chapel can come to you virtually. A much nicer experience than the real thing I tell you that! -->  Sistine Chapel

LADIES... This is an amazing, creative website that teaches you how to do cool hairstyles, make your own pieces and what not... very cool! Check it out! And named quite appropriately lol, lets face it, we are all a beautiful mess at least once a day! :D
a beautiful mess 

Monday, 3 October 2011

Last minute summer lovin

We have been very lucky this week to have had beautiful summer weather! 25 degrees and up for most of the week. So what did i do? Nothing but Sun bathe and enjoy as much as I could of the great outdoors. I strolled around good old bham trying too take pictures of my everyday sights before I forget. Everyone does this, they say "ya, ya I will go there, I always have time because I live here. Its always there" and then, just before your about to go, you forget all about that place or that picture you wanted to take. This is what happens, people get used to being where they are its not special anymore. So I am trying to avoid that as much as I can.
And plus, before I know it winter will be showing its nasty face oh so soon. So no better time than now to try and take all the pictures I want :)

We had a Great weekend of sitting outside. VW had a nice bumper car set up in Victoria Square so Kristen, Mike and I all lined up for our 5 minutes or raming into each other! It had been years since I was in a bumper car. Very fun!

After sitting around the square we decided to put down a blanket and soak up some rays. Mike being the lovely fellow that he is surprised me with some pretty flowers :) It was a perfect day outside and I couldn't have asked for more! The weather is supposed to go back to its British roots this week, not looking forward to it. Till then..cherrio!

a worthy mention

From the moment I heard Someone Like you by Adele i was in love. A cover was done by two brilliant young musicians check it out: Click, Listen and Enjoy.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

a loss of moral fibre.

Other than being asked if I am American, the next most popular question is "why do you think Canadian children are better? More behaved?" and its so hard to answer that without sounding like a complete asshole. But its not a surprise that people all over the world are aware of the unbelievably bad behaviour of England's youth. Before I moved here to teach, every single person must have asked me "WHY".... "they are terrible over there" .... and they are terrible, no exaggeration needed. This is my theory: a) people here have nothing to fear, no one to fear actually. Their police do not carry guns but little batons, wtf will you do with that. b) parenting is non existent, well, in many parts of the UK at least. Children are having children. What kind of a government awards young mothers who have no future, no education, and no job? Young mothers are entitled to their own place to live if they have a child. This is only creating the same circumstance for the next generation. Why work hard and get an education to get me a job to get myself a house when I can get knocked up and get my own place for free with government help and aid. Hard work seems to be a fairytale for many of the youth here. I see it in my own children, behaving and acting like their own parents. Not only that, but a lot of the time its single parents. They don't know how to raise their children because half the time, they are children themselves. c) They are too spoiled. I don't see why it is so bad to implement a little bit of hard disciple in your own house. I see parents trying to bribe their own children for good behaviour in school because they are tired of having to come into school and talk to the teachers day in, day out about the terrible behaviour. BRIBES?! It should be expected and nothing less. I feel people here have no balls to put a foot down, which seems ridiculous. Expectations should be set from day 1, there should NEVER EVER be a question about authority. The child should NEVER have the expectation that they always win and the parent listens to them. Never. How is it even possible that the youth here walk all over their own parents. Unsightly.
Now, for those of you who enjoy the BBC, there is a series called Worlds Strictest Parents, which should really just be called good parenting. In these shows they take the magnificent youths of the UK and ship them off to somewhere else in the world for a week in 'hopes' they change and become a human being. I love watching it but at the same time, I get so frustrated with what I see. England was once a great country that produced well educated fine human beings. That has gone down the shit hole. The youth of the UK have no idea what moral fibre is, they have no concept of what it is like to have respect for anyone or anything. They do not know how to behave in any situation, they believe that everything should just be given to them and they have no manners what so ever. They are degradation of English society. It blows my mind to see these teenagers come on the show, act as if they were raised by animals and have no concept of the world around them. I see this development at work all the time and its really sad. 90% of the children who come onto this show come from a broken family, rarely is it two parents and even more rare its the two original parents. And again, most of these single moms had their kids when they were very young. They let their children push them around for years and I suppose they come on this show because they finally can't take it. Ever heard of tough love, fucking dish that shit out. I saw an episode today and for the first time, the young girl actually was in a private boarding school and got kicked out. First off, private school in the UK is hella expensive. Second, she could have gone to a state school and saved her family a ton of money because she learned nothing from being there. Spoiled brat is what she is. Also a mixed race, which she hated. Don't know why because she's gorgeous, half black people are always good looking. Every teen that has been on this show believes that because their parents brought them into the world, they are expected to pay their way for everything. Education seems to not matter to anyone in the UK. With the option of leaving school at 14 (or 16) a lot of them do. And they are only sent away for 1 week. In my opinion there is NO WAY these kids actually change. Its not nearly enough time, maybe enough for them to think they can change, but not actually do it. I've never seen anyone behave the way these teens behave. If I ever, ever, had a child like any of these, no way you would be living under my roof. They are disrespectful beyond believe, beyond tolerance. It was actually very hard for me to watch todays episode because I was in pure shock and horror at their behaviour. And im no prize child, I know what its like to be 16 and to have no cares, but omg, this is a completely different story. This is our human race going backwards in development. World's Strictest Parents....please. They are real parents plain and simple, and I am happy to know that I was raised by true parents. If the UK doesn't change, there society will be at the bottom of the feeding pool. An Uneducated, unmotivated, disrespectful society. I guess thats why upper society is trying its hardest to keep what they can of the elite and prestigious lifestyle. It really is a society that is disappearing. So if you get a chance, check out that show on the BBC. My advice to the UK... good luck.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

little bit of this. little bit of that.

amazing how time fly's when you have nothing to do. Since supply work is at a minimum I figured it was time I start updating this baby. Hard to imagine a full year has passed me by. 

Recently I came across a BBC episode about mixed races, and are they better. I found it very interesting because my own brother will have a mixed race child. They 'say' that because the gene pools are so different and come from different parts of the world they have a very unique gene selection. If you really stop and think that well the human species has only been around for roughly 200,000 years, and the animal species in general starting at 590,000,000 years ago, we are a young species. In this documentary they talk about how Europe has the most inbred type of human. Not inbred like I am going to have babies with my cousin, more like when the Europeans migrated there 40,000 years ago, there were only about 1000 people. So everyone is some how related if you look back far enough. This makes the two genes from both parents very similar, whereas a mixed breed child will have two genes that are very different. It makes total sense. Take a look at Tiger Woods, Lewis Hamilton, OBAMA, Lenny Kravitz, Halle Berry, The Rock! All amazing in what they do. Super athletes. As a human race there is only a 0.10% of difference. We all look the same and have similar builds and characteristics. No wonder some people put up such a fight to "be different". I think if I was exposed to this type of science while in my learning years, I would have loved to pursue something in this field. I just find it absolutely interesting. Eventually this world will all be mixed race, and when that happens we will have created a better, stronger species than our own. Plus, in most cases, these mixed children are gorgeous! So ponder that. 

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Gotta love how every morning at that dredful hour seems like everyone in the city is trying to get to work. It sucks. A 15 minute commute becomes doubled. And this is all just for the possibility of work. Gross isn't it.

And why do all teenagers have to be so dam annoying? Is this a characteristic that they all inherit, and some just never grow out of it??

I hate that 90% of everything starts at the same time. It should be staggered with schools starting at 930 or 10am :)
Sounds brilliant to me!!

Monday, 12 September 2011

To strive, to seek, to find,
And not to yield.


It is said that a Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to. I travelled back home to the motherland of Canada and it could not have been better. Well, the weather could have been better but compared to living in the UK, it was a tropical destination! 3 weeks flew by within a blink of an eye, I could not believe it. I wish I could have had more time with my family and friends. I know a year flew by which makes me feel like it will be alright, because I will be home before I know it. But still, it sucks going back. I also fell into some information while being home, families are expanding left, right and centre! I cannot wait to be back next year to see the new borns growing up and the new to come :) 


We hesitantly boarded our plane back to Birmingham, and surprisingly no one cried! hahaa. The flight was alright, because we were flying in the evening it wasn't nearly as tiring as flying to Canada when we had to get up at 4:30am! We arrived back home to find that our luggages were the LAST to be unloaded. I nearly fainted to think they had almost lost our luggage on a single way flight... it does happen! It took me a few days to re-adjust to the time zones... all this means is that I slept for days upon days while Mike unfortunately had to go straight to work the day we flew in :(

After my jet-leg was gone, I popped back into the Birmingham citee centa (thats how a British folk would say it! lol) it almost felt like the first year, seeing everything again for the first time. I had totally forgotten about the riots and was wondering why all the shops looked so brand new and re-modeled.... DUH! lol. School was just starting up again shortly after we arrived home, which only meant that here come the headaches! 

We fiiiinally decided to go bowling! Mike and I were wanting to go the whole first year we moved to the UK. It finally happened :) It was great! Except for the fact that I was pretty much taking home the final title when Bobby decided to really focus and beat me by 2 points. TWO POINTS! damnit. But overall, a great chance to finally get some cheap-o drinks and see a few familiar faces :) 
Dam look at me tanned, can't england be nice and sunny so i can stay that colour forever?? pleaasseee :( 

Well I think this concludes my gabbling for today. Cheers matey!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Time seems to have disappeared in the blink of an eye. Our 3 week holiday is nearly coming to an end and it just was not long enough. Not enough time with family and friends, not enough time in the sun, not enough time spent with my handsome fellow Chewy, not enough time soaking in the Canadian ways.... there just wasn't enough time. My list of things I wanted to do when I came home has just been scratched on the surface. There are only so many hours in a day. It was a well deserved and needed vacay - well for me, the vacay part. Poor Mike has had to work while being home which was kinda a drag but it worked. I wish I could just pack up my cat and take him with me because he is the most handsome fellow on this planet lol!

Being home has shown me how much I do LOVE Canada and being Canadian! Life is just better here. I mean not a few hours away from Paris but Canada is amazing. Only having a short time frame it has also opened my eyes to the true people in your life. The people who matter essentially. And at this point, everyone who matters to me, probably knows that :)

One of the first things I did when I landed was get a timmy's and sun bathe outside in my backyard! And I plan on doing the same thing every day I have left! Thank you to all who made the effort to squeeze me time in. xoxo

But being home has also shown me how one year can completely change people, sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad. Some people have grown up a lot in a year. Its scary to think that I am now at the age where people around you are making big decisions - buying houses, getting married, having babies - basically starting the beginning of real adult hood. Scary. But who says you need to have a 5 year plan? ( I do, just to be clear lol) Its great that some people can just live life day to day, simple, because that is not what our society has grown into, the opposite of simple really. Everyone is somewhat complicated, somewhat flawed, and somewhat crazy. Im glad to see the change in the people I have spent time with, its really amazing. Who knows what will come in another year. Life is a sea of constant motion, so I know change is on its way :D

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


As the school year comes to a close I find myself with a lot more time to waste and do nothing. With only TWENTY more days to go before we board a plane back to Canada, money is tight. Is it a little crazy to start packing 20 days in advance?? I know some of you would say YES, geez woman find something else to do, and others may argue that its never too early to start prepping yourself, early bird gets the best worm right?! haha. Well, those of you who do know me... DING yes I have started :)
But its a bit frustrating because I can't fully pack, I still need stuff over these twenty days. And, there isn't enough room to keep two open luggage's just laying around. So whats a girl to do?
Random note: one day I will have a luggage like the one in this photo!! hahaha....eventually, one day!

It's weird to think that a whole school year has already finished up. Originally I said I wanted to live in the UK for just a year, get my experience and then go back to the homeland. But halfway through the year Mike and I had decided that we are going to stay the full 2 years. Now that I am done my first year, it went by too fast! I would be almost upset if I had to go home now, just because there are too many places I still want to see and experience. There is just never enough time in the world as I hear many people say. Typically I am overly ecstatic about it being summer holidays, except here there really isn't a summer, and its quite a shame. I could probably count on my hands all the days where the weather was actually nice and summer-like. Today for instance, is a typical day in England.... CRAP and gray.

In other related news, now that we are going home for 3 weeks (which I know is gonna fly like crazy!) there is a big push to book everyone in!! I am going home for my best friends wedding so that is keeping me pretty occupied the first 4 days or so. It seems like there are so many people to see and things to do while we are home and I just cannot wait!!! :D
I think my brain is going through some kind of mental frozen state lol so till next time!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Lets be real, I chose the Blogger platform to create my blog because the name is cool! Yes its an easy platform to work with and yes it is google, but overall, a cool name. 
Apparently Google has decided to change the name from blogger to Google Blogs.... YUK!! Who wants to blog on something called google blog. Everyone already knows who owns blogger, but do they really need to make their name more apparent. honestly. Its not like P&G products are all called P&G always, P&G Persil.... no their name is hidden in the fine print. I for one think it is ridiculous, and for being one of the biggest enterprises out there already, a name change won't do anything for you. Picasa photo management is also being changed to Google Photos.... GROSS! Picasa sounds so much more elite than google photos. Picasa is fun and imaginative, and google photos is, well, just photos. 

Check it out the link here for more info: Googles rebrand disaster!

Friday, 15 July 2011

If you know me well, you know that being a teacher has not been kind to me in the health area. Sick, sick, sick always :( Thats the problem with being surrounded by little ones constantly, and even when they are sick, for some reason, the parents always send them to school! Which is never good news for me!

One thing that I do love about being sick, is the way my babe takes care of me! One of my many sick days I was freezing cold, so Mike tucked me into our bed and made me a scarf hat to keep my head warm! And then he continued to take pictures of his creation because it was so cool! ahhaha, it also kept my head very warm! 

I love these pictures! They are too funny, and remind me that I am always being taken care of... not that I really need pictures to remind me because I already know this!

If you have someone that does all these crazy things for you, appreciate it, because I can tell you, not everyone will do this for you! I've got my diamond in the ruff ;)



Great food is always best served with great company.

After spending a wonderful afternoon in the city while Mike was working we met up for some good grub. Its not a surprise, Mike and I LOVE eating out! Thats what we did the first few months when we started dating! Wined and dinned, at the most amazing restos in BUT this time, thanks to our grocery store Tesco we had a free meal with all our points! We decided to try STRADA, an Italian restaurant. Food was surprisingly very tasty! I ordered a pork dish, which I generally never do, because its pork lol. Mike tried a scallop risotto, and the scallops were soo itty-bitty :( It was pleasing Mike says lol. I loved my dish, also, surprising, because Mike always chooses the better dishes! This time I finally had made a better choice! GO ME!!! 
I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the apps but they were delish, small, but very good. 

You know when you look at the menu for apps you think it will come out in a few pieces, downfall to this place, not the case. I ordered a brushetta and mike got some type of breaded cheese mushroom ball - which was VERY good! But my bruschetta came in ONE piece, tasty but I was a little disappointed to say the least!

 For dessert - always a safe choice, Tiramisu! A very generous helping they gave us, and it was oh so mouth watering! I think I would come back, maybe just for apps and dessert though! Will we ever break this habit of eating out.... BAH... Never. Impossible. Food is too delicious and with living abroad, its even more reason to eat out! Well, at least I think so! haha :D

So Happy Dinning to all! And if theres ever anything good you experience let me know, and we will try to check it out!!!


Sunday, 10 July 2011

Its funny how you do change as you grow up. Always saying you never want to be like your parents, but your own person. How your views and opinions change with age. How your taste buds also seem to change as you get older. Then again, nothing is ever stagnant. We live in a sea of constant motion.

Remember the days when you are younger but you 'thought' you were a grown-up, and how all your thoughts were just like an adult, but in reality they really weren't. And just the mentality you have as a youngster is so different. I remember the phase of never wanting to plan out life, just going with it. But who was I kidding, I've been a planner my whole life. I love having everything in order, I like it my way, in the simplest explanation. And that trait becomes one of the qualities that makes a great teacher, organization. Now, I know my mother would love to beg to differ, but my room was a beautiful disaster. I could find anything in it! Along with growing up comes the change in how you care for your room. I think it has something to do with the fact that you now pay for this living space, and you want it nice and tidy. But when its your parents' house, its not the same feeling. Funny how that works.

One thing that hasn't changed over the years is my constant need to document my life (which I am most definitely sure I get from my dad). Since the beginning of my life, it has been documented through video but mostly photo. My father is big on pictures and that rubbed off on me. I don't know what it is, maybe I am afraid of getting Alzheimers and I don't want to forget anything. But I also love looking back on everything I have done in life, especially this year with living abroad. Looking back on the photos I have accumulated just within one year nearly breaks 8000!!! Insane isn't it! Everything from where I've been to what I've eaten, its all there. You can't bottle up smells (which is apparently supposed to be the strongest thing that connects you to a memory) but you can take a picture or a video, so why not right?! But with all this new age technology i have grown up in, the possibility of loosing all these digital memories is a real possibility, a real heart breaking possibility.

This blog was supposed to be my diary/time line of what I've been doing this past year, but it's been so hard to keep it all updated and there are millions of things that I haven't written about. So many photos that I want to share, but there just isn't enough time in the day. BUT, school does close for the summer in 2 weeks, so be ready for chapters to unleash!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Its been 10 months since I flew the coup. Its amazing what you learn about yourself and those close to you in a short period of time. Its amazing what you can do with your life in a short period of time. Its amazing who you meet when you go abroad. But no matter where you are in life, in the world, sometimes we all just gotta have faith in ourselves.

This is MY time to reflect on what I have accomplished and what I have seen in 10 months. It was my intention to move to this new land to kick start my career as an educator. But it was also my intention to discover every piece of unknown territory along the way. Highlights have been attending the Royal Wedding in London in April; going off to the beautiful land of Portugal; and seeing myself grow as a teacher. In the last 3 months I've been taking a lot of time off from my career, not always by choice, these Brits love their holidays and bank holidays! But today I was put in a position that made me realize how much I do love what I do. I had a somewhat of a working interview for a position as a year3 teacher for September. I came into this new school, supplied a different class for a morning while being monitored. It was very nerve racking I must admit. But being back in a classroom, at a good school just reminded me of why I started in this profession. Because let me tell you, a lot of the days I work I never want to come back the next morning. But today was good. Thinking back to my first day in a classroom while still a student teacher, there is a world of difference, a world of growth. I feel like I am coming into my own, finding my groove.

Since September, there have been some scary times. Moments of subduing to pure failure. I know its so hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I now know it is there! This change in lifestyle has absolutely changed me and has also been one of the hardest things I have ever done. Not just teaching, everything that had to do with the move. New person living with me, new culture to get used to, new crappy weather, new school system, new everything. But it all turned out :)

I've also had the opportunity to have some amazing food while I've been out here! And this past weekend we went to the food festival in town and it was absolutely amazing!!! It's been ages since I've had perogies, and they had a polish booth so I could get my hands on some! Had the best homemade macaroons I have ever tasted! Tried some pulled pork and Italian potatoes! Overall, a good experience and can't wait for the next one!

We are slowly getting ready for the long journey home in August! Its creeping up so fast and we still have so many things to get ready. I am trying to bring a piece of Britain back home for all of my family and close friends. Its funny how everything adds up pretty quickly! But I know before I know it I will be back in the UK enjoying the dreadful weather. Not once have I been able to wear my shorts! I am missing the Canadian summer I admit! I need to start tanning myself the moment I land. So please not family and friends: all get togethers are mandatory in the sunshine! Cannot wait to have baskin robbins ice cream outside and ICED CAPPS! Oh my dear g--- I MISS TIMMYS Iced Caps like I miss the sunshine in England. My mouth is watering as I think of this. Must keep it all in. There are so many "Canadian" or really, North American things/products I plan on packing my luggage with when I come back! So watch out, before you all know it.... BAM I'll be home!!! Only one more month of working!

I know I have gotten far off track, and by this point it is just mumble jumble. All I can say is have faith folks.... fingers crossed there is a new life waiting one year from now :D

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

.luck of the irish.

One of the best things about travelling is the people you meet, I think. I think its funny how people can come from different parts of the world and can be so similar. So different is also another shocker.

I love travelling like a fat kid loves cake. Just can't get enough of it and crave it constantly. There's something I purely enjoy about being in a different part of the world where no one knows me, there are new restaurants to eat at, new things to see. And people tend to visit things that might not interest them but do it because its there or other company might enjoy it. There are always interesting people to meet and talk to. Talking, conversation, I feel are parts of living that are being erased in front of our eyes. I mean, i LOVE the use of smart phones, emailing, texting and what not, but sometimes it seems like people forget how to make conversation in real life. People don't call friends and family anymore, they send a text. Phone calls seems like ancient history sometimes. Children are being raised on electronic devices to keep them from causing loud noises, but is this really how we want to introduce technology to our children?
Back to the power of conversation - i love it... and it goes hand in hand with travelling. Gotta talk to make friends right?! In big popular destinations, everyone seems to be a tourist, no one seems to know where they are going, but it always seems to be in good fun. I'm happy to have met new people and had good conversations. You can learn a lot about a person in a short conversation. It might not be what they are saying but the way they act, stand, dress...etc. It also seems to me that when you engage in conversation with someone you don't know, you almost get a minute to stop and realize whats going on in your life. What's great or not so great. How often in life do we stop and smell the roses? Not often. But when your somewhat forced by social existence, to engage in a conversation, you have to stop and think about your own life and re-tell it to someone else. Which in regular day to day life, does not happen often. It's always good to meet new people. And I hope my experiences with new souls continues because its quite the adventure :D


Dublin, Ireland
June 2011

Monday, 30 May 2011


Ok, hands down the BEST freaking french toast in the world is at Cafe Rouge.
When I first ordered it, it didnt look like what i expected. It wasn't what you'd get in Canada, no syrup! But after I took the first bite I fell in LOVE! Now the photo I took isnt the greatest because they actually over did it lol but i sent it back and enjoyed a little piece of heaven :) Not only is the french toast amazing but their lattes are also heavenly!! Mike and like to enjoy brunch at cafe rouge on the weekends if we have the time. There nothing like sitting around on a beautiful day and enjoying wonderful food with wonderful company. Thank you UK for showing me Cafe Rouge! :D This is a place I will definitely be taking any guests to when they visit!
 This is what mike usually gets! Eggs Benedict with salmon or ham. There food is so good we already have favorite meals!! haha If you havent had the chance to have petite dejunier at Cafe Rouge...GO!


So I've found my own green thumb! (or at least i'd like to believe so!) So here is the progress of my 3 babies: to-ma-too

 First signs of life began to appear a few weeks after planting!!!

As soon as they sprouted out of the pots the grew incredibly fast!! 

This is probably the most current photo of my babies!! There have been a few short mishaps where i thought they were going to die due to lack of sunshine...but wow did they fix themselves with just a few hours of sunlight!! Amazing :D
Its amazing how something can just fix itself in a few hours when just a moment ago they looked like they were about to die. I suppose humans are a lot alike in that sense, one minute you think all life is over and you just cannot go on... and then something happens to your whole perspective changes. funny isnt it. we are plants.

thought at the moment:

so have you heard about the latest crazy mum in America?? pagent mum BOTOX'S her 8 year olds face because apparently she has wrinkles and its not a nice look! WTF! your kidding. absolutely not! she actually administers the botox herself and its not just one part of the face, its everywhere. so gross. what is wrong with them?

Check out the interview here:

And so apparently she says she made it up.... LIAR. Her daughter was taken away because that boarder lines child abuse and it is an unsafe environment for a child. Thank goodness.


Sunday, 24 April 2011


Its amazing how when you stop and look back on your life, there are SO many memories that have been forgotten. The people in your lives who used to make you laugh and cry are now a distant memory. Its funny, even with todays technology and ways of keeping in touch, we just don't. We forget. We choose to forget I think. Possibly because that was a better time in life, or a time we'd like to go back to. Who knows. Facebook is a great example of seeing people you forget about. People who you might have known since you were 5, or people you met in High School or University. School is a big part of life and so many things happen during that time. 20 years of schooling, thats a lot of memories! Privacy has become a modern invention. When towns were so small everyone knew everyones business. Now as much as we would like to be 'private' on facebook, how can you really ask for that when you put your life out on the world wide web. As it might be a modern thing, its quickly becoming a thing of the past. We throw our thoughts, memories, photos out there for our 'friends' to see. But how many of those 'friends' are people you would actually call up and say, Hey, lets hang out today. 10%. Funny eh?

I wish I could have taken a picture of every person I've ever met in life, I think it would be pretty neat.  Maybe thats what I'll start doing :) In 50 years I wonder who I would still remember and who I will never forget. 

I saw this really neat video somewhere on the world wide web, when I find it I will post it. I can't remember exactly what the phrase was, but it was something along the lines of: BEFORE I DIE I WILL....
and someone painted a chalk wall and wrote this at the top. He made spaces for everyone to fill in what they want to do at the end of their life. It was very interesting and I wish I could share it. 
I want to see the world before my time is up. There is something about travelling that just does me in. There are soo many wonderful and magnificent things to see in this world and I can't wait to see them all. 

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


I don't even know how to begin this. First off, oh man I know its been ages since my last post! Forgive me, lifes been getting busy as you may have hinted at from the title. It's been almost a month! eek!

Well, Mike's company is just about to fly! I am off on half term, a lovely 2 week holiday (one of my 13 weeks of total vacation a year)!! BUT being the great and supportive girlfriend that I am (insert smirk) I am working for them over my holiday. TODAY we got our landing page up! CHECK IT OUT HOMIES! 


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Now, enough of work talk because that is ALL anyone does around here. 

We've been lucky to have been having some nice summer-ish weather here in bham. Days where I don't have to wear a winter coat. My toes actually saw some sunlight and felt some breeze! It was amazing! We spent a weekend in the park just lazying about (well I did... Mike and Bobby kicked around a football...aka soccer ball). All the summer outfits I've been buying are now getting some use! 

A few weeks back we visited London for a bit of business and a bit of pleasure.... SHOPPING! It was great! There was a fashion show going on while we were there. Absolutely MASSIVE place! There is a special section that I hope to sooner than later be able to shop in.... Prada, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, Burberry, Tiffanys, De Beers... and the list goes on. So Fab. I did pick up a few things from stores we do not have in bham such as Berksha (also fab) and something else lol. We got a free ride in and took the train home. It was a lovely day. OHH and they also had a place that makes the BEST freaking Gelato in the ENTIRE WORLD! ca'puccino has the BEST GELATO EVER! Chocolate in particular! SO AMAZING! I was a food whore that day lol. 

We celebrated Canadian Night last week with some Canadian (and Australian) friends! It was a great time! My first time eating smores with peanut butter inside! DEEEELISH! Why this heavenly taste hasn't been in my life is beyond me. 

OHHHHH and we had a visitor (that wasn't a mouse)!!! One of my best mates Ainsley came down a few weeks ago from York for a visit! It was smashing! Hit up the pubs like it was 1999, painted our very own ceramic plates, chilled out in the sunlight, got an up and close tour at the BBC from SonnyJi and went shopping of course! All these great events were captured in photos of course and can be found on our gallery! 

It's been such a good fresh of air to not be in a school for a while! But one awesome thing about supplying just before holidays is that I usually do rubbish things! Like for this half term on the friday we made easter cards, watched the easter parade in the school, coloured some easter pictures lol. fab. 

Well, all for now... as mike and Sonny Ji would say... "Everything's Lobbly Jobbly" LOL 


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

"Today I don't feel like doing anythingI just wanna lay in my bed
Don't feel like picking up my phone, so leave a message at the tone
'Cause today I swear I'm not doing anything..." 
- - The Lazy Song - 
Bruno Mars 

It's always hard to forget about the mess of today. It's hard to remember that nothing lasts forever, and tomorrow a new day beings, you get a new start. I applaud those who DO think like that because for a lot of us in the world, its a very hard concept to live by. Me, I am a constant worrier. Always worrying about tomorrow, what I need sorted before I go to bed, where I'll be working at. Always thinking about when we can take our next trip...blah blah blah. But I do have to say I am comin' round! I think living in England has helped me to start that. The people here just seem to be very relaxed. They don't seem to 'care' as much about everything, or the little things perhaps. I know being a teacher we get holidays every 6 weeks. Amazing I know. But probably not in the best interest of the children.

 Today I had the day off and so happy for it! I've actually enjoyed doing nothing :) The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars is such a good relaxing song. I actually stopped and took the time to learn a new song on the guitar, play it to my other half and have a good old singing session. It was fab!

Day three of writing this post... and another open day for me :) The sun is shinning and the weather is beautiful, what more can you really ask for. I originally began this post today with something to say, and its completely flown my mind. Lately i feel like the creative juices just haven't been flowing, and now im just gibbering and gabbering. So i think ill stop myself now. cheers!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

...oh life...

Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, 
a tragedy for the poor.
Sholom Aleichem  

I enjoy this quote because it shows two sides to our society: one - that being rich will make your life better. That being rich is something to strive for in life, that it is the most important goal in life. Shows the gap in society. Supports stereotypical characters often portrayed in films. On the OTHER side to this spectrum - two - "Life is a dream..." and that's what people tend to forget. They forget what its really about. No one ever said you needed money to find happiness. Life is what you make of it. Dreams are what drives people in their lives, its what pushes them to no end, its what they search for. And a life alone is probably the worst kind of all. Whats the point of dreaming of all these wonderful possibilities when you have no one to share it with. And I don't just mean your other half, I mean ALL the people in your lives - your friends, family, neighbours, co-works, and other halves. These people are the ones who make everyday life enjoyable. Life is not a tragedy for the poor. LIFE itself is joyful. LIFE itself is a blessing. LIFE is amazing for everyone, and you only get one, and some people forget that. So, I suppose my message is remember that ONE chance is the only one you get. Make it count.

Saturday, 12 March 2011


Eventually we all show our true colours. Whether it be through the words flying from your mouth or the lack of words, lack of communication. Eventually we see that friendship becomes a convenience or inconvenience for some. The people who you thought would always be there all of a sudden have fallen through the cracks. We all have those people. We all have those people who we THINK will always be there regardless of the circumstances. Funny how things change, how people change. Can we as human beings really rely on other people? We are such a double faced species. One minute perfectly happy and the next minute trash talking the person you just walked away from. One minute best friends the next mortal enemies. But we need these people in our lives. We need the company, we need the companionship, we need that friendship. So why do we destroy them? We are funny creatures. 

Sunday, 6 March 2011


Moving to a whole new country is something that people either do to get away from their current situation, or if you belong in the better graces of society, you move for the experience. One of the hardest things to do in my opinion. Lots to leave behind but also lots to gain. In the past 6 months I have had the pleasure of spending time with some special people. Unfortunately the time has come to say goodbye. These ladies came over the pond, experienced a bit of UK life, and like smart girls decided to make the move back to the homeland. The good, amazing, makes sense homeland. GOODBYE CAILEY & LIZ! Its been a blast and we have lots to travel when you revisit! 
I know this is a late post but I've been busy! lol Here are some great group moments just before they hopped on their plane!

OLD STOCK JOINT - February 2011

The Ladies!   
Just before these ladies moved back we had a small little get together/goodbye session :D

 Andy - Bobby - Mike

The boys in their couch corner enjoying some 'manly' company :)
This is Kristen (right). Although we lost 2 good girls, we did gain another Canadian in the mix! Welcome Kristen :D

She making a bracelet out of Starburst wrappers! Candy isnt just for eating anymore! It was quite entertaining. Never seen someone make something out of candy wrappers lol.

Cheers ladies!!! We Miss You Already :D