Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Home sweet home

Nothing like coming home after a long two years away. Some things have remained exactly the same while others are so different you can't even recognize it.

In the last two years I have seen and done some amazing things. Ate amazing food in the most unreal spots. But I think it fed my need to travel more. There is so much in the world that needs to be experienced. Its almost like living in a little fantasy because reality sets in when your home. And this is where I am now. Reality is I chose a career that has the worst job opportunities and will continue for the next few years. Go where the money is. That was the reason for going to England in the first place, that and having the ability to travel freely and frequently. I am not good at the waiting game which now puts me in a situation where I need to decide. This part of life makes me feel old, all the hard decisions. And if you know me, I am a terrible decision maker. I would rather not decide and move in a different direction to see where it takes me.
Should decisions be so hard? Is it a sign that all this stress is telling you its wrong? What happened to people just doing what they loved and not caring about anything else. Does that exist? I think people forget what they really want because we are influenced by everything around us. We start thinking of someone else's needs before our own. But, shouldn't you take care of yourself before you take care of someone else? Unless its your child, they are always numero uno.

People are only wrong depending on who the judge is. And how clouded their vision is from yours.

Well, These are the thoughts for today. I will share all the wonderful pieces of my last Holland and Amsterdam trip soon:)