Wednesday, 20 July 2011


As the school year comes to a close I find myself with a lot more time to waste and do nothing. With only TWENTY more days to go before we board a plane back to Canada, money is tight. Is it a little crazy to start packing 20 days in advance?? I know some of you would say YES, geez woman find something else to do, and others may argue that its never too early to start prepping yourself, early bird gets the best worm right?! haha. Well, those of you who do know me... DING yes I have started :)
But its a bit frustrating because I can't fully pack, I still need stuff over these twenty days. And, there isn't enough room to keep two open luggage's just laying around. So whats a girl to do?
Random note: one day I will have a luggage like the one in this photo!! hahaha....eventually, one day!

It's weird to think that a whole school year has already finished up. Originally I said I wanted to live in the UK for just a year, get my experience and then go back to the homeland. But halfway through the year Mike and I had decided that we are going to stay the full 2 years. Now that I am done my first year, it went by too fast! I would be almost upset if I had to go home now, just because there are too many places I still want to see and experience. There is just never enough time in the world as I hear many people say. Typically I am overly ecstatic about it being summer holidays, except here there really isn't a summer, and its quite a shame. I could probably count on my hands all the days where the weather was actually nice and summer-like. Today for instance, is a typical day in England.... CRAP and gray.

In other related news, now that we are going home for 3 weeks (which I know is gonna fly like crazy!) there is a big push to book everyone in!! I am going home for my best friends wedding so that is keeping me pretty occupied the first 4 days or so. It seems like there are so many people to see and things to do while we are home and I just cannot wait!!! :D
I think my brain is going through some kind of mental frozen state lol so till next time!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Lets be real, I chose the Blogger platform to create my blog because the name is cool! Yes its an easy platform to work with and yes it is google, but overall, a cool name. 
Apparently Google has decided to change the name from blogger to Google Blogs.... YUK!! Who wants to blog on something called google blog. Everyone already knows who owns blogger, but do they really need to make their name more apparent. honestly. Its not like P&G products are all called P&G always, P&G Persil.... no their name is hidden in the fine print. I for one think it is ridiculous, and for being one of the biggest enterprises out there already, a name change won't do anything for you. Picasa photo management is also being changed to Google Photos.... GROSS! Picasa sounds so much more elite than google photos. Picasa is fun and imaginative, and google photos is, well, just photos. 

Check it out the link here for more info: Googles rebrand disaster!

Friday, 15 July 2011

If you know me well, you know that being a teacher has not been kind to me in the health area. Sick, sick, sick always :( Thats the problem with being surrounded by little ones constantly, and even when they are sick, for some reason, the parents always send them to school! Which is never good news for me!

One thing that I do love about being sick, is the way my babe takes care of me! One of my many sick days I was freezing cold, so Mike tucked me into our bed and made me a scarf hat to keep my head warm! And then he continued to take pictures of his creation because it was so cool! ahhaha, it also kept my head very warm! 

I love these pictures! They are too funny, and remind me that I am always being taken care of... not that I really need pictures to remind me because I already know this!

If you have someone that does all these crazy things for you, appreciate it, because I can tell you, not everyone will do this for you! I've got my diamond in the ruff ;)



Great food is always best served with great company.

After spending a wonderful afternoon in the city while Mike was working we met up for some good grub. Its not a surprise, Mike and I LOVE eating out! Thats what we did the first few months when we started dating! Wined and dinned, at the most amazing restos in BUT this time, thanks to our grocery store Tesco we had a free meal with all our points! We decided to try STRADA, an Italian restaurant. Food was surprisingly very tasty! I ordered a pork dish, which I generally never do, because its pork lol. Mike tried a scallop risotto, and the scallops were soo itty-bitty :( It was pleasing Mike says lol. I loved my dish, also, surprising, because Mike always chooses the better dishes! This time I finally had made a better choice! GO ME!!! 
I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the apps but they were delish, small, but very good. 

You know when you look at the menu for apps you think it will come out in a few pieces, downfall to this place, not the case. I ordered a brushetta and mike got some type of breaded cheese mushroom ball - which was VERY good! But my bruschetta came in ONE piece, tasty but I was a little disappointed to say the least!

 For dessert - always a safe choice, Tiramisu! A very generous helping they gave us, and it was oh so mouth watering! I think I would come back, maybe just for apps and dessert though! Will we ever break this habit of eating out.... BAH... Never. Impossible. Food is too delicious and with living abroad, its even more reason to eat out! Well, at least I think so! haha :D

So Happy Dinning to all! And if theres ever anything good you experience let me know, and we will try to check it out!!!


Sunday, 10 July 2011

Its funny how you do change as you grow up. Always saying you never want to be like your parents, but your own person. How your views and opinions change with age. How your taste buds also seem to change as you get older. Then again, nothing is ever stagnant. We live in a sea of constant motion.

Remember the days when you are younger but you 'thought' you were a grown-up, and how all your thoughts were just like an adult, but in reality they really weren't. And just the mentality you have as a youngster is so different. I remember the phase of never wanting to plan out life, just going with it. But who was I kidding, I've been a planner my whole life. I love having everything in order, I like it my way, in the simplest explanation. And that trait becomes one of the qualities that makes a great teacher, organization. Now, I know my mother would love to beg to differ, but my room was a beautiful disaster. I could find anything in it! Along with growing up comes the change in how you care for your room. I think it has something to do with the fact that you now pay for this living space, and you want it nice and tidy. But when its your parents' house, its not the same feeling. Funny how that works.

One thing that hasn't changed over the years is my constant need to document my life (which I am most definitely sure I get from my dad). Since the beginning of my life, it has been documented through video but mostly photo. My father is big on pictures and that rubbed off on me. I don't know what it is, maybe I am afraid of getting Alzheimers and I don't want to forget anything. But I also love looking back on everything I have done in life, especially this year with living abroad. Looking back on the photos I have accumulated just within one year nearly breaks 8000!!! Insane isn't it! Everything from where I've been to what I've eaten, its all there. You can't bottle up smells (which is apparently supposed to be the strongest thing that connects you to a memory) but you can take a picture or a video, so why not right?! But with all this new age technology i have grown up in, the possibility of loosing all these digital memories is a real possibility, a real heart breaking possibility.

This blog was supposed to be my diary/time line of what I've been doing this past year, but it's been so hard to keep it all updated and there are millions of things that I haven't written about. So many photos that I want to share, but there just isn't enough time in the day. BUT, school does close for the summer in 2 weeks, so be ready for chapters to unleash!