Monday, 31 October 2011

two cats, in love?

The most outrageous thing happens on our street. Every once in a  while, two cats, one black and one white, get together under the street light (the same exact spot each time, under that certain light). And what do they do? They Talk. For hours. No joke. And they are loud, you can hear them from down the street. So last night, it happened again. Half way through watching them I decided I would try and capture this on film because it is just too funny. One bloke actually walked past them, and the cats stopped talking, as if they knew they were being watched lol. As he walked further away the cats resumed their conversation. The last time we saw these cats chat about under the street light, it seemed as if one was breaking up with the other. One cat would take small steps away and look back and say something and the other would follow trying to convince him/her to stay. It really is the best thing to watch. Its weird to think that animals talk to each other, I wish someone would invent some type of device that translates animal talking into human speech! That would be amazing. I think I just found my new lifes work. hahaha jk. Check out last nights episode lol. They get into a bit of a quarrel near the end. And note, this is from our flat, 3 stories up and across the street!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


So as I sit with my morning coffee I ponder what to do with myself. Did the job search all day yesterday so I thought I would take a brake. So, reverting back to my student life habits, I turned to Stumble Upon and came across a very neat arts and craftsy website which I am going to ad to my [people to watch] links. In the above picture she shows you how to make this magnificent paper flowers and much more. 
Great art lesson teachers! Possibly for mothers day?! :) Check it out!

Also, if you've never been to Italy, now the Sistine Chapel can come to you virtually. A much nicer experience than the real thing I tell you that! -->  Sistine Chapel

LADIES... This is an amazing, creative website that teaches you how to do cool hairstyles, make your own pieces and what not... very cool! Check it out! And named quite appropriately lol, lets face it, we are all a beautiful mess at least once a day! :D
a beautiful mess 

Monday, 3 October 2011

Last minute summer lovin

We have been very lucky this week to have had beautiful summer weather! 25 degrees and up for most of the week. So what did i do? Nothing but Sun bathe and enjoy as much as I could of the great outdoors. I strolled around good old bham trying too take pictures of my everyday sights before I forget. Everyone does this, they say "ya, ya I will go there, I always have time because I live here. Its always there" and then, just before your about to go, you forget all about that place or that picture you wanted to take. This is what happens, people get used to being where they are its not special anymore. So I am trying to avoid that as much as I can.
And plus, before I know it winter will be showing its nasty face oh so soon. So no better time than now to try and take all the pictures I want :)

We had a Great weekend of sitting outside. VW had a nice bumper car set up in Victoria Square so Kristen, Mike and I all lined up for our 5 minutes or raming into each other! It had been years since I was in a bumper car. Very fun!

After sitting around the square we decided to put down a blanket and soak up some rays. Mike being the lovely fellow that he is surprised me with some pretty flowers :) It was a perfect day outside and I couldn't have asked for more! The weather is supposed to go back to its British roots this week, not looking forward to it. Till then..cherrio!

a worthy mention

From the moment I heard Someone Like you by Adele i was in love. A cover was done by two brilliant young musicians check it out: Click, Listen and Enjoy.