Monday, 7 November 2011

next on the list?

I know the school year has really just begun, but today I started thinking about where I want to be next year. As I was surfing the net for job posts I was reminded of the jobless summer that must come before next school year. Crikey. But I am thinking of popping to a different part of the world for September 2012. Those remote teaching jobs pay off years of education bills that for sure. I know I'm sitting thinking, hmm how bad could it be? But I am gonna guess far more than anything I would ever expect. Whats more important? Financial stability or being in a city with more than 200 people to keep you sane? Hmmm. lol. I would love to teach in Italy, but then again, not going to help me financially. Teaching in Italy would kind of be like this year. Being anywhere in Europe I think will tempt me too much to travel and what not. I want to learn Italian, which is probably why I've been looking for jobs there. Although, as I was researching possible positions, I came across a past teachers experience. In a nutshell, imagine teaching in Toronto, London, Birmingham, any inner city school and magnify that. Not to mention the natural tendencies of Italians to just be much louder. Kinda turned me off that whole idea. So now I'm thinking of where else I can go, thats not the middle east. hmm, well, only time will tell. That's it for my ranting today, I've gotta prep work for my nursery class this week. Oh so little, and so needy

Friday, 4 November 2011

first final product

I have finished a project! yeah! I've started so many things and it just takes me forever to actually get it all done, so yeah me :) I actually completed this on day two. I was on such a roll I did not want to stop so I ended up making a headband :) My next attempt will be a blanket, and I plan on keeping it forever regardless of how ugly it turns out to be :)
So stay tuned!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

possibly a granny at heart?

So its recently come to my attention that I think I have the soul of an old person. Well, in some respects at least. For instance, I have recently taken up crocheting. What 25 year old just takes up crocheting? ME, thats who! And my word, it is a tremendously harder than it looks. I started yesterday after seeing a friends blanket (which looked AMAZING! Go Lisa!) and thought, hey, how hard can that be? *YIKES* Well my first attempt looked like I had just tied the string in a bunch of knots. I think I probably stitched and undid my work 5 times before I figured it out. And at that, I thought I was doing an OK job, until today. I decided to try a different video on Youtube, which was much, much better. This is the video I watched today! I realized what I was doing wrong. Your supposed to double stitch into a double piece of yarn, not a single, and that is probably why my piece from last night looked so wrong. If the first lady would have said that I would have been much further today. If she did say it I must have missed it, or she wasn't being clear! :p 
By the end of this I hope I can make a blanket, or throw, thats my goal :) Oh right, yesterday for some reason I tried to do a wavy afrghan blanket.. whoa nelly, I think I will go back to that after I have made myself a headband! 
Now, back to my original thought... being stuck in a old persons mind. Going to bed early I think I can contribute to work, the school day starts at 9am, and unlike those of you who roll in at 9, I have massive amounts of prep work to do which means I really start at 8am. Not having a car also means I need to take the glorious public transit system :( Add an hour to that, plus getting ready... so I am up at anywhere from 5:30-6:30am. Its blows. Hand in hand with that, I get tired real early, lol, so I go to bed early. I have also noticed my lack of ability to withstand the next day after drinking. OMG. If none of these signs point to old person, this certainly does! Its feels like I have been run over by multiple trucks and the only thing I can do is sleep. SO needles to say, not a lot of drinking happening these days. But glasses of wine are still great to have in the evenings :)

Pictures of my progress, or lack there of :s 

 So to the left was probably mt second or third attempt at chaining and single stitches....

 Which then turned into this eventually... trying to double stitch then today realized it was ALL WRONG :(


This was my attempt at an afghan wave blanket.. which will be revisited sometime in the not so near future.

This is what I did today... my double stitch :) Its actually green and all the other yarns of blue and purple :s 

I am quite proud of this! Not sure what it will turn out to be, but at least its getting somewhere! 
I find the hardest part is keeping the yarn at the right amount of tension, because all my above pieces are very loose. This one is coming along!