Sunday, 23 January 2011


Let me tell you, living beside a photographer only means one thing: YOU MUST HAVE MAKE-UP ON! hahaha - funny but true. Bobby has the tendency to bust out the camera every time we come over...or go out...anywhere. lol. But don't get me wrong its great! Mike and I rarely get photos together so its kinda nice to have a third eye around :) The photo above was taken on one of those nights where mike and I just popped over to say hello, have a cuppa tea and chillout. So naturally, I was in my comfies... aka PJ's! But hey, turned out pretty good though huh?!! Friends these days are hard to come by and mike and I are so happy to have met Bobby. Its nice being able to pop around the fence and hang out with someone, have a tea and biscuit and just shoot the shit. This is a real genuinely nice guy and I can say, that is a hard trait to have these days. Cheers to you mate :)

I love photography, taking photos, looking at photos, so its real nice knowing someone who does this. Bobby Dylon Photography is currently under some creative thinking, but his site is attached under my "people to watch" on the right side if you ever want to check him out!

Micklegate Bar

One of the main reasons I started this blog was to write about all my new adventures here in the UK. Last weekend we went to visit my friend who is working on her masters at York University. As luck would have it, it rained the whole weekend we were there, but what can you do, this is England! The town, and I mean town, very quaint little town, was beautiful. It still has the ancient Roman walls around the city that adds a special touch to it. We of course did all the touristy things like visit Clifford's Tower, walked through the Shambles - a medieval part of town with wooden frame buildings all along it. When you stare down the street it looks like its just about to cave in! It was once known as The Great Flesh Shambles, in the 1800s about 25 butchers' shops were along this street. Blood used to run through the narrow passages. Today there are no butcher shops but the street does lead into York's market.

We also went to the Yorkshire Museum which housed a lot of ancient Roman artifacts as well as medieval pieces. Went on a Haunted Walk through York at night - FYI - York is supposedly the most haunted town in all of England. Met a nice young lad from down south Louisiana and ended that day off with some delicious Nandos :)

Our last day there we went to visit Ainsley at the university, aka duck central! Ducks swimming in the ponds, walking through the paths, having duck meetings and assembles... pretty cute. Then back into the city, grabbed some lunch, then walked along the Roman walls before heading to the train station. 

York is definitely somewhere I would like to revisit in the summer. The buildings are so beautiful, old, and have so much character. The cobble stone streets are great to look at, not so much to walk on :)

It was great seeing a familiar face once again too! Ainsley and I met in first year university at Waterloo and remained the best of friends since. Such a small world it really is. 6 degrees of separation - I believe it. There have been so many people we have met since we moved here that were from Toronto, or Waterloo, or has a girlfriend from Toronto, or just something crazy. 

Our next trip we should be seeing some SUN which is going to be amazing :) We are SO excited and I just want to feel some warmth! Some UV please :) 

Oh and pictures from this weekend are all posted on our gallery (link located on the right!) cheeeers!

Is it really ever possible to know exactly what you want? our wants and needs change as time goes on. it changes with new people, new influences. so can we ever really be sure of anything?

when it comes to people how can you be sure you know what you want? do you exhaust yourself looking for the "perfect" person? Do you take different pieces of someone and settle? or do you take different pieces from a variety of members so you get everything? Does that even work? is it even possible? where is the threshold? when does that point come when you realize this works or doesn't? you settle, chase, or die in silence trying? aren't there enough choices in life as is? and when you realize you've made the wrong choice, it makes you want to never put yourself in that situation again. never again will you want to feel vulnerable, sad, low, disgusted, in repair.... and just wrong.

i think the problem is people change. no decision you make is entirely concocted in your head. somewhere along life there is something or someone you find interesting and it plants a seed. overtime you think that original idea is your own but its really not. we all start off as a blank canvas...when we are born, but even that doesn't last long. you pick up pieces of yourself from those around you. the routine of the way you get dressed in the morning is probably set by your mother or nanny. your speech, body language, pet peeves, are all pieces that have been adapted but were not originally your own. So if this is the case, how can we ever be sure we know what we want?

this is why people have breakdowns in life. all this pressure to know what you want and go after it is stressful. not only the chase but that possibility of failure. and then comes the sudden realization that your wants have changed again and we are back at ground zero trying to sort out our life. at this point do we settle for what we know? the chase can go on forever and i don't think everyone is willing to follow that never ending path. we become these flightless birds, a sad story to look at.

there seems to be such a push to be original, don't stay within the lines. be creative. these are also the adjectives that describe schizophrenics and what some may call "weird kids." The world is giving out too many mixed messages. 

If you know me, you know that everything I write about usually comes from an experience. Whether it be from watching something on the telly, or having a fight with someone, or even walking through town. Yet I feel like these are the types of questions people are constantly asking themselves just won't admit to it out loud. All human beings fight. Its natural, whatever. I am happy to know that regardless of anything that happens, I am done with that search. I am happy to know that I won't have to put myself out there ever again with the possibility of heartbreak and humiliation. I am happy for this. But for all those who are in relationships, at some point you need to decide whether or not you will turn the other way or keep what you have. No one wants to be dragged alongside for years and then realize their partner isn't in it for the long haul. Please men, do not do that. (**ahemmm**) And for all those who have not yet found their other half, there are always cats. JK! Your time will come! And it always comes at a time when you least expect it! And I know you all just wanna say SHUT UP because I have my man, but this blessed union came out of the blue. So clam yourselves, enjoy that ice cream and stroll in the park :)

Thursday, 13 January 2011

The Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun

Great video to live by. One of my favourite things about this video is the music. For some reason it instantly plays a ballet in my head with people prancing around in pink tutu's, but at the same time works perfectly with the video. What makes my up my DNA? Fuck I have no idea. To be honest, i am not sure what is in my DNA and where it comes from. My mother has the brainy DNA, nursing, loves chem and bio and all the stuff I hate. My father on the other hand, polar opposite. Very humorous, went to school for architecture, amazing at designing anything and creating anything. My brothers are fabulous artists - animators - not at all me. I draw stick people, they draw real people. I'd like to believe im somewhere in the middle :) 
 I can definitely agree to step out of the box, to not follow the paved road. There is a certain life plan that is the textbook plan for all parents. We all know it. And I am definitely not following that. Life's way too short to follow life rules. Do what makes you happy. Isn't that what this video is really about? Explore the edges - dam right I am going to. Moving to England was a chance for me to explore a bit of this world. Numero cinco - is something I am trying very hard to do this year. Never really thought of the "What will they think in 10 years? Will it matter? Will you even remember it?" So freaking true. Who the hell will care in 10 years? 10 days? 10 minutes later? This along with the 'Stop Being So Busy' is so hard for me to do. I am a busy body. I can't help it, I've always been this way. But this is a new year, a time to try new things, change for the better, right?! And the last one, START SOMETHING BITCH! This is gonna be a big year for me, for us. Expect big things world!!! :D
 i think its a little too late for anymore thinking... cheers all :)   

Sunday, 9 January 2011

cof·fee [kaw-fee, kof-ee]
1. a beverage consisting of a decoction or infusion of the roasted ground or crushed seeds (coffee beans) of the two-seeded fruit (coffee berry) of certain coffee trees.
2. a social gathering at which coffee and other refreshments are served.

Every morning is a battle all on its own. Weekends are supposed to be a time to relax, a time to get away from the Monday to Friday craziness. Being in a new city, those everyday routine indulgences must now be replaced with a new chain. No more timmy's... so unfortunate. Of course, like every other country in the world, Starbucks is still alive and well here in the UK. But.... its time to start experiencing new cafes and hidden coffee nooks. This will be a re-occurring posting of all the new coffee places I have come to either love or loath.

#1) Cafe Nero - as previously mentioned and a number of occasions, this is one of my fav places to be. The atmosphere mimics Williams from home. Its quite, cozy, and they have good coffee :) It is the type of place that you can settle into and get some work done if needed. Or even just some relax time.

#2) Shakes - first time experience was today, January 9th 2011. Its more of a desert type of drink place. Amazing selection of hot chocolates, teas, and milkshakes. I will most definitely be revisiting this place again! I think its a great social place without all the fuss. There is something for everyone at Shakes.

#3) Coffee Republic - first checked it out the day I chopped off my long hair. It was a 'meh'. I ordered a gingerbread latte, not the greatest I can tell you that, Starbucks does it much MUCH better. What I did like about this place is their design. I really liked the tables, posters, even the sugar packets had a neat look to it. Next time I pop in, I will definitely be trying something different.

 #4) Florenca - hands down Portugal has had the best coffee I have had since I moved over. It is a real European coffee, absolutely delicious. It is the type of coffee that I would probably drink 5 times a day. It goes down so smooth and has the greatest taste ever lol. This place in particular seemed very Portuguese. A lot of the coffee shops had a large selection of deserts, mainly Portuguese deserts. Very, very delicious :D

#5) Cabana Fresca - this beautiful restaurant was located over looking the beach in Albuferia Portugal. They had amazing coffee, amazing food/desert, and awesome staff. This is a wonderful restaurant and if you ever plan on going to Albuferia, this is a MUST go see and eat place! I had an authentic Albuferian dish for my last night there and it was AMAZING! Tasted a lot like home cooked filippino food, but still amazing :D
#6) This was a really great atmosphere! Went for a coffee and a game of jenga in Kings Heath with Andy & Lish. I cannot for the life of me remember what it's called but a really neat place! Its on high street in kings health lol if that helps anyone!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

 It only took me 5 months to decide and finally do it! And to be honest, I kind of wish I hadn't. I hate that some of my reasons FOR cutting it were very, what they say, soccer mom-ish and grown up. Being on supply mornings are very hectic, and this short hair gives me ability to just get up and go. Its so short that nothing really messes it up, I mean, I woke up this morning with my hair looking exactly as it was the night before. Now, with long hair, god NO. Its a daily battle trying to get it the way I want. Not only is that the first battle, but keeping it like that ALL dam day is a hard thing too. And being a primary teacher, (lately early years teacher) kids are constantly touching it, or at least trying to touch my hair lol. "Oh Miss.... I LOVE your hair, can I play with it?" as cute as you are.... HELLZ NO! On the other hand, change is good they say, so I also thought I might give that a chance. Its a new year right?!

The salon I did choose in the end, I was very pleased with. They were really nice, and my stylist was amazing. I asked her to change it twice :s It did however take three very L   O  N  G   hours and Mike can definitely vouch for that! My darling stayed and waited for me the whole three hours :) The 'down' side to this do is that it is very hard to maintain, as in, it needs to be cut very often to keep the look...aka very costly :s Luckily this time I purchased a Groupon coupon and saved almost 70quid! Amazing!!!

 So a new year is now beginning. I got the new look, trying to keep a new mindset, and if only now it was a new life, and by life, I am really referring to work. I JUST WANT A CONTRACT! I hate this daily uncertainty of where I am going! I think that is one of the most disliked parts of my job. Commuting here SUCKS, now if I had a vehicle, it probably wouldn't be so bad! :p
I also thought I wouldn't be back to work this week, since most teachers do not take break after having a 2 week break! But I am actually taking over a nursery class for rather grim reasons. But its ok I suppose, its work right, work means MMMMMONEY which makes Miss Kelly VERY HAPPY :D lol This is the only class that calls me Miss Kelly, its kinda cute. This week we are working on the letter M and people who help us, specifically, Mummy! Lets me honest, most of these children don't even know their names. BUT, ah well, they love to cut and paste! HENCE, photos below, my night, preparing their activity for tomorrow or friday lol. MONKEYS! hahaha, and macaroni M's :D
Nursery & Reception (JK & SK) are fun at times, but too much of it makes me a litttttle crazy.

Sunday, 2 January 2011


A new year is always a fresh clean slate. Or at least people like to believe so. New Year resolutions flood the gyms doors, quit that dirty habit programs double in registration, alcohol sales shrink (for the first few months), and budgeting programs/planners double with the hopes that it will help them get out of debt or learn to be more money conscious. Call me cynical or what you want, but just because a new year has arrived doesn't make the problems in your life any easier to fix. Of course, there are the few people who actually truly want change and try everything they can, with an enormous amount of dedication, carry out the changes they want to see. Change is not instant. You can't enter a new year and think, "self, i am going to try to be healthier and lose 15lbs." go to the gym for 2 months and then quit; especially when it comes to changing things about yourself. Life changing resolutions such as the 'i am going to quit smoking/drinking this year' are massive changes. Rarely does one sit and say 'I will quit in 2011' just because. I believe that a person needs to reach their own rock bottom before they can make a solid effort to change. Its like when young high schoolers think they don't want to go to university or something. That they are happy to just work away in a factory forever, even though the potential for them is endless. They must self destruct and loose a lot before they realize they have made a mistake. OR something significant has happened in their life to make them want change, such a death in the family from health issues. With any dramatic change it is largely dependent on your own motivation and determination. But don't get me wrong, I do believe in possibility of change in the new year, it just needs to be realistic. What is my own new years resolution you ask? Undecided. There are a few things I would like to refine and tweak in my life. One would be to slow down. Most of these I'm sure have been mentioned in previous moments of thinking out loud - but life is too hectic. Life in North America moves quickly, always a constant need for improvement. Life in Europe is different, and I have been trying to adopt that momentum. But let me tell you, not easy to do at all. At least not for me. Sounds simple in theory, but after 24 years of the same system, its hard to pull the plug on that life. But it definitely makes for a happier life. And a happy life, a calm soul, are things that make life worth living. Numero dos - realize that I cannot see the world in a month and plan accordingly and realistically. We have a plan. Save save save during the winter months and travel as much as we can come the spring and summer. This is very possible. It was hard to come over my issues - the fact that I moved to this country to travel. period. Or I can work at home and make money and then come to the UK to travel. My purpose is to travel. And we now have a plan to make that possible :)

Blue Lagoon 
Now, as for our 2011 celebration - barely spent anything and had an amazing time :) Being in a new city was already something new for us. New Year celebrations are greatly overrated. You spend hundreds of dollars or pounds on what? So you can buy a new outfit that you will probably only wear this once, to buy tickets to a bar that jam packed with 500 other sweaty drunks, so you can wait in line for an hour at a time to grab drinks, and then pay triple for a cab ride home. Oh and not remember any of it the next day. crazy. We on the other hand did the complete opposite. We headed into town, grabbed a fab pitcher of blue lagoon for £6, watched some fireworks with hundreds of others, enjoyed a walk home together, then popped into a little party at our neighbours, and then curled up into our couch bed and watched movies till the wee hours of the morning :) We spent January 1, 2011 just relaxing together. Call it what you want, but we enjoyed ourselves. I suppose it kind of set the mode for our year of relaxing. Good kick start I think :) All change must first begin with one thing....
At Whiterspoons

Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees the others.
~ Aristotle ~