Friday, 31 December 2010


Does anyone remember what it feels like to be so excited for something that nerves keep you from sleeping and you find yourself perched by a window waiting for that one person or thing to come into sights? You find yourself awake so early that the air still smells so fresh and crisp as if none of the daily toxins have corrupted its flow. The sound of birds chirping is still in the air. Other than Christmas time, whatever happened to real anticipation. Why am I up so early? Waiting for a package to arrive. And without the luxury of having a vehicle and being able to pick up a missed package in an instant, instead I am waiting by my window for the sights of that Royal Mail truck. Occasionally peeking my head out the door to see if he is down the street possibly delivering other mail. The other reason for this insanity is that our door bell is out of commission and we live on the top floor. Do you think a post-it saying "Dear Mr. Postman, flat 5 has no doorbell. Would you please hollar real loud so we can hear you or call my mobile so I can run down and receive my package? Thank you SO very much, Happy New Years!!" -- would this suffice? are postman's out here nice and sensible enough to carry out my instructions?? Yes, did I mention it is New Years Eve and I am awake at 9am sitting by a window waiting for Postman Pat... and his black and white cat. It's going to be a very L  O  N  G  day thats for sure! :(  

Wednesday, 29 December 2010


Link to this resto:
Zorba's Greek Restaurant is an abomination to all Greeks. Bobby Kyprianou my darling, you would be appalled! Where to even begin.. lets take a look at exhibit A: business card - MEDITERRANEAN is split into two lines! WTF! Maybe acceptable in the UK, but not so much in Canada. Already at a bad start. We come into the place and we are told there is a 20 minute wait... but there are empty tables in the restaurant?! OK fine, lets wait and look at the menu. 10 minutes later another couple walks in, no reservation (from what I understand) but they seat them anyway. THEN, the waiter walks to us and says ok there is a table for you. Not only did they act like asses, they sat us at the darkest table in the room!! So obvious I complained and we moved. SO next hurdle, they get us drinks and then when it comes time to order, 
-waiter: "Oh I can take your order now but it won't get to the kitchen for another 20 minutes"
-mike: "ummm WTF??"
-waiter: "You said a 20 minute wait would be ok?" 
-mike: "So you gave us a table, but are not serving us yet??!"

YA. Ridiculous. So while we wait for food to come, there I am hoping that the food is worth all the shit.  One of the first few things we notice while sitting at the table: 1) the wine glass is absolutely filthy. If I wanted scraps from someone elses' meal I would go dumpster diving in the back ally. 2) the cutlery was made for giants. The fork was the size of 3 folks all melted into one! 

Already very not impressed with whats been happening and what I've seen. Thankfully the first course is delivered by a very cherry Greek man, barely understood a word he said but he was a delight! Starters where a meh... the tomato soup was nothing spectacular, something out of a can would have been better. Mike had a mushroom dish which he says was a delight.

Chicken Souvlaki
Mike's Mary Lamb
Main course: I ordered the chicken Souvlaki. IT DIDN'T COME WITH TZATZIKI! What is unheard of! One of my best mates is greek and hell, they eat tzatziki on everything!! So I had to pay almost an extra £3 for tzatziki sauce which was ok, I've definitely had better! Mike on the other hand ordered some lamb and apparently it was amazing. Fall off the bone, tender, delicious mary's lamb. But still, none of this was enough to make us want to come back, which is a shame because we LOVE our greek food and its been pretty dam hard to find a good greek restaurant. Back home Markham and Scarborough have two of the most amazing greek restaurants I have EVER eaten at and man we cannot wait to go back home and devour it!

Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to take a picture of desert. Their Tiramisu was absolutely AMAZING. Not too sweet and with just the perfect amount of all flavours. It was really just the ONE server who ruined it all for us. All in all, it was a MEH. I've definitely had much better Greek food elsewhere.   


Sunday, 26 December 2010

The holy jolly Christmas is now coming to a close... lucky me, i'm in education and still have a few more weeks till im back in a classroom. But I don't know how 'lucky' that is because time can sometimes feel like f.o.r.e.v.e.r. when you have nothing to do, no where to go (because your broke) and no one really hang out with - other than obviously your other half, but even sometimes a girl needs another girl to chit and chat with - you know what I'm talking about ladies ;) - First Christmas away from home was very different... makes you realize how important and cherished your family traditions are. With all the hussle and bussle that comes with growing up, family time does slip away and gets shorter and shorter. Thank goodness for technology and skype :) Also, cooking a Christmas dinner is not as fun when a) your doing it yourself, and b) when there isn't as many mouths enjoying the not-so-balanced meals you shovel into your mouth.But all in all, it was a great dinner, a great Christmas, and there will always be more Christmas' to come, ya?!.

Today we experienced our first boxing day in the UK - never again. WAY too much effort for nothing... its a madhouse everywhere, even just walking through the Bullring was a pain in the pooper. Didn't end up getting much at all, one jumper, only because I've been eying it since I moved here :) Shopping surprisingly did not last long at all! And if you know me...the real ME, you know that is just unsightly. But, I was unfortunately sick on Christmas day, which kinda affected my mobility today for Boxing Day, but that's eh-ok! After getting out of the maddness we slipped into our favourite cafe - cafe nero - for a relaxing change of atmosphere. There's something about sitting in a nice place, listening to calming cafe type music, reading the paper, and purely just enjoying the company around you. I suppose as a 'new years resolution' we've come to agree that we need to just slow the fuck down. Growing up in North America, Toronto nonetheless, you grow up with a sense of urgency to get everything done, to do as much as you possibly can, to constantly challenge yourself and do better. I have always, always been this way. Since the days of high school, working two jobs, going to school, still obtaining that honour roll status, just a constant need for achievement. Well it all stops now - or at least I am going to try my darnedest to! But after today, after going from one extreme environment and feeling to a complete opposite, its easy to see that being relaxed is the much better way to go. Must be a reason for the "keep calm and carry on" phrase they use here. Lets see how this will unfold :) 

Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Gotta love the smell of chocolate in the air! There is so much to Cadbury that I had no idea about until we visited the wonderful land of chocolate. Bournville is a beautiful area in Birmingham with quaint houses, a country club, fabulous schools.... all built by the Cadbury family themselves. No bars of course because the Cadbury family was a bunch of quakers lol. Its a GIGANTIC factory though, the first real big factory from Cadbury. It is definitely a place that we will go visit again in the Spring.

Now, the Cadbury factory itself was pretty amazing :) We learned about the coco beans - ie how the white folk stole it from the natives lol - and how Cadbury makes wonderful chocolate from it! We made our selves into chocolate, wrote our names in chocolate - which I thought was going to freeze since it was on a marble slab, but NO they just threw it away :( OHH and one of the best parts was, they gave us LIQUID DAIRY MILK to eat!!! Absolutely artery stopping deliciousness!! :D
All in all it was a pretty fun day! Raided the chocolate store, where else can you buy amazingly cheap chocolate! There are more pictures on our gallery, check 'em out yo!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010


It's crazy to think I've been living in the UK for 4-ish months! Time is just flying by!! Nothing terribly exciting just yet, but we did celebrate a little Canadian Christmas with all the teachers and their other halves. Got real full, had some laughs, made paper snowflakes, watched Sam cut up our chicken with scissors (lol) and drank countless bottles of wine :) It was a good time :) So of course I didn't really take many pictures....opps.... but heres one of Liz with our window of flakes and mike with his special K snowflake :) Everyone's pumped for the holidays, and why wouldn't you be. We get TWO WEEKS OFF :D One of the joys of being in Education! I am looking forward to this holiday very much. Not even going anywhere, just being able to not get up at 6am and relax and go shopping when I want. YEAHHH!!!!!

Speaking of shopping...we've been doing, what seems like a lot of it! I never thought I would get so excited about a map... but check it out!!!! It was at Waterstones (like a Canadian Chapters!) 

Our Photographer man Bobby D!!

Us in a blink of an eye :)
 Found lots of cool hats and such.... --> the Cheubacca hat! and a cool gladiator looking hat! Its so hard shopping around christmas time. I just wanna buy a shit load of stuff! But can't. I did send home a christmas package...hope all enjoy it! And now that Christmas is coming, the snow decided to go away :( A plus this week has been that almost all classes I've had to supply the past 2 weeks are doing their Christmas plays/nativities, or having Christmas parties!! So not much teaching going on!! :)

Tis now the time to sit back and relax.... 
Spending the holidays feels very different when in a new country... but only different because you don't have your family, or the selection of friends to catch up with over christmas holidays :( kinda bummy. But you gotta deal with what you got ya. And I can't wait for our HBC Canada sweaters (or what they call jumpers) to arrive!!! Thanks again mum and dad!! I know theres much more I wanted to say, but what a surprise, the day at school has left me drained of any energy. 

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


"Your from Canada, aren't you used to the cold?" ... NO! The UK has such a different type of cold. It may be sunny, but sure as hell does not feel sunny at all. Its the type of cold that gets into your bones. Its freaking cold out here! Thankfully I was oh so smart and brought my TNA parka! phew! And I've pretty much been wearing since the end of September! AND my UGGS otherwise my feet would absolutely freeze! This also makes traveling in the UK completely dreadful :( Oh how I have come to hate public transit even more. This also diminishes any desires I have to travel. A few friends of ours are heading out to Stone Henge and Bath this week but I think we will save that trip for a warmer season :) Just want this winter to be over, its not fun at all. I might actually say I'd rather have the winters of Canada.... wait a minute... white outs, black ice, minus 40 weather.... I might take that back :s

This photo above was taken on our lovely street in Birmingham one cold day after work. A day of work in which the school closed down early because it was snowing too much. I don't think they know what too much is! Not to Canadian standards that is. This is a short one folks. I'm actually swamped with work this week.. TAKE home work! haha but fingers cross I may have some good news in a few days :D 


Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Meeting people can be a very daunting task for a lot of people...such as myself. Although, I am in luck. I have a very out-going other half who is always ready to strike up a conversation, thank goodness :) Not only did mike strike up a convo, but this guy he just happened to talk to, is now his boss :) And its a great job hes got going on now :) And we are now lucky to add more friends to our roster here in b-ham!! Last friday they took us out to a charity event in which we had a blast! One of our first real nights out in bham. After a long and exhausting day I found a pair of beautiful pink pumps before I headed home from work and it just made me more excited to go out! Something about getting all doll'd up is just so exciting! Especially when its been a while!! Met lots of new people that night. I have to say, hands down Bobby is the #1 person in the world with a crazy amount of energy!!! We were definitely out danced thats forsure! Oh, did I mention most of the people who attended this charity event were from their gym..... and boy, did we show them how tired you get when you aren't working out! hahaha. 

We also headed up to IKEA with them the next day, after a long day of recovery! How can you not love ikea! Its amazing! IKEA Wednesbury to be exact! Picked up a few things, actually had to restrain myself because I knew we had a big week coming up. 

We did find some cool things though......

 Of course I was the only one who could fit inside this kids tunnel!! And there were mini wine glasses inside!! Teaching them at an early age!!

And we also came across some awesome kitchen sets! Rox and I had a tea party while the boys played football..... and then I baked a cake! bAhahaha

All for this chapter peeps!

Monday, 22 November 2010

OH GOOD GAWD! Today may be number 2 on worst days of work!!! How is it possible for a year 2 child to be soo incredibly rude and disrespectful. England's public education system needs major reconstruction. What happened to the days of being able to physically hit your students, because oh my, I could have beahen some sense into some of the kids today! Horrid. Not only did some girls openly refuse to do what they were told, did not listen to any other adult body. If I had a classroom like this I would want to quit everyday. How dare you refuse the request of your teacher, rotten little buggers. The system must be changed, there must be some type of punishment, loosing play time does nothing, sending them to the head or deputy head also does nothing. They will just continue to do whatever they want once the heat is gone and not looking. And such a shame for I was having such a lovely time at this particular school, reception (kindergarten) for the past 2 weeks was amazing :) Such lovely children, minus the bad apple or two. Please, please, please, please can I just have my own classroom in CANADA! please. 

Let's see, other than that.... there is a wonderful German festival going on in B'ham and we've walked through some of it. They have hot dogs!! or Frankfurt Sausages as they call it! Roasted chicken with potatoes, roasted peanuts, hot apple cider, giant glass pints of beer! A wonderful experience!! We will be checking more of it out once Mike's cousins come to visit next week!! And we are also hitting up the Cadbury Chocolate Factory!!! YUMMMMMM :) Can't wait!!
I've had such a rough day I don't even know what else I want to talk about. Luck is turning around and skies are seeming bluer. Possibilities are opening up and I am glad we are doing this together :) xoxo

Till then, keep calm and carry on :)     

Saturday, 13 November 2010

is everyone ready....YES MISS. H!

Yes, that has been the phrase of my week. It is the phrase that can get me absolute silence. 

A full week of work in the same room is both amazing and exhausting. I've come to love these little bacteria spreading aliens. and I mean bacteria spreading! The other day a child actually coughed a piece of spit into the corner of my EYE! UGH! There and then I had to remind them of what we do when we have to sneeze or cough. THEN I told everyone to take 2 bum spaces backwards! ahaha Not only have I spent a week with them, I am still supplying for yet another week with them! :D They have been trained to respond to a little musical tune. Its actually quite amazing, I am astonished every time. As loud as the room may get, as soon as they hear "Is everyone ready?" or "Is everyone listening?" they hear it and stop what they are doing and yell back "YES MISS. H" its lovely! If I haven't mentioned it, they are a reception class, for all those back at home, this is Kindergarten! lol. love it! I could rant and rave about all my escapades in reception but I think I am out of that bottle of energy. They are quite the class though :) I am hoping this is my foot in the door with this school, because its close, I can sleep a little longer in the morning, and they are great kids! 

So although working everyday is fantastic, it doesn't leave me with much time or energy after work. But that's what weekends are for right?! Speaking of weekends, this weekend (today) was the Christmas parade in the city centre, and man I haven't seen that many people crammed into one space! But it was nice, and they had nice lights hanging from all over. And it may be cold outside, but people seem to dress like its freaking summer outside! Don't understand?! It's been a nice relaxing weekend, we even put up a Christmas tree this week!! It's fantastic! I will post a picture up soon! 

Also today we found out that the only place in Birmingham to sell Jelly Belly's is Selfridges and its 2.99/100 grams! Insane!! It equals out to about maybe 2 handfuls. Where is sugar mountain!! (miss that place)....we got some anyways! :) And man are they tasty!!! :D Thats all i got for now....

Till then.... KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON! (gonna live in Britain, might as well act like them! haha)

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Oh how I remember how excited I was to begin a blog and so very keen on updating frequently.... then life happened, and 100% pure laziness happened. There have been so many thoughts, contemplations, opinions, statements, stories that I have now long forgotten. So this shall be my attempt to remember said thoughts....

First off, let me say that being a supply teacher in the UK is 100% completely different than being at home in Canada. I just had a nice relaxing week off for mid-term breaks... as if these kids worked hard enough to deserve a mid-term break anyway. I think its more so a break for the teachers, so they don't commit suicide or something. The week was great, went to Liverpool, saw the history of the Beatles....AMAZING, def something you should see if you are a Beatles fan, and really, who doesn't heart the beatles! weirdos! FYI - Abbey Road is NOT IN LIVERPOOL (birthplace of the Beatles if you weren't aware). ITS IN FREAKING LONDON! Came as a shock, because we were very much looking forward to walking along Abbey Road. Also speaking of London, all the original Monopoly Streets are there, so at one point we are going to do a Monopoly tour in London! yeah :) Liverpool also has some amazing buildings... amazing architecture, my brother would really enjoy this place! Back on track, so I am back to work this week, or well at least I hope to be, but how many teachers have sick days after having a week off? So, needless to say, my holiday has continued. I can't decide if this is good or bad: good because I get more time off, bad because I am getting bored from not working and because I am not working I have no money. fu*k. 

: Click here for more pix of Liverpool

hmmm... what else..... OH YES, this new fad here in the UK is crippling. It becomes an absolute need, not just want..... SUPERDRY. Dam those Japanese for making such an amazing wicked cool brand. I know Superdry has been sold at Pacific Mall, but here its like everyone has a Superdry coat. EVERYONE. We traveled to far and distant places to obtain this most prized possession. Mike was lucky and they had one in his size, medium, the one size there is always triple of. I on the other unfortunate hand, have had to order mine online and patiently wait for its arrival :(  
(superdry tanget done.)

As life would have it, my attention is needed elsewhere... 


Friday, 15 October 2010


So many thoughts about to spew out of these fingers. First of all, have you seen the new edition of the crackberry family, the new torch. As a CANADIAN born and bread product why on earth is it not available in Canada first? WHY? This just further emphasizes the notion that Canadians are followers and slaves to new technology, when really, we are creating these magnificent pieces of machinery. Why should we have to wait for all these new things to be released in other countries before it comes to Canada where it was developed? The UK, as much as I adore my new home, had the torched released here first. JIM! Show some dam Canadian pride! Even the new blackberry 6 software is not yet released in Canada. Dam Shame. Balsili, I am disappointed. It looks like a great phone, minus the slide keyboard, kiiiiinda gay. How about we make the current Bold 9700 touch, now thats a great idea!

Yellow symbolizes wisdom. Yellow means joy and happiness. People of high intellect favor yellow. Yellow daffodils are a symbol of unrequited love. Sunday's color is yellow-gold. There is a yellow carrier bag that is frequently seen in the hands of many roaming around b'ham. Like little bags of sunshine. They seem to portray feelings of happiness, elegance, and prosperity... aka rich ass mother fukkas! SELFRIDGES is one of the most amazing retail companies I have ever seen. They carry everything from jelly-bellys (2 quid for 100grams!) to pour your own liquor, superdry to burberry and prada. It seems the higher you go, the more expensive the items become. By the time you reach the 4th floor, you can find immaculate shoes by Jimmy Choo and Michael Kors. There is a sense of pride when holding a Selfridges bag, a feeling of, yeah I can afford something in there! I had that feeling a few days ago when I made my first purchase at Selfriges. Mind you it was on the first floor with a giant bull made out of jelly-bellys and a krispy kreme shop! I purchased a book. A type of cooking book, one that you write in your own recipes (mike & I are starting something new! Writing down all the good meals we made this year). Selfridges is a place where things are shinny and new, cool and creative, and everything you could want. Most definitely one of my new favourite stores! (when I have money that is!) It is the mecca of designer and label whores, it is the creme de la creme of department stores, and it is the one store that hand selects who they wish to display. Only the best.

 I admit. I am a must have the 'it' item girl. As impractical as the torch may be, I still want it. And there will me many, many more purchases and yellow bags coming home with me this year. Just testing the water :)

Monday, 11 October 2010


Change is inevitable. You can either choose to accept this notion and move with the wind, or you can ignore this fact and be stuck in limbo. Much like the city I have come to call home, it has changed only to better itself. The 'City of 1000 trades' has transformed itself, restyled, and revised to better fit in with modern times. Walking through the city you can see a little bit of old mixed in with something new and modern. It gives B'ham a special look and feel. I feel like I've almost become a person of a 1000 trades - one must be a chef, a house keeper, a tourist, a friend, a girlfriend, a teacher, a disciplinary, and the list goes on. It is not easy starting somewhere new, starting with nothing. You must adapt and change to what is around you. You must restyle your look so you don't look completely 100% Canadian! One thing I cannot hide, is my perfect Canadian accent, which surprises me everyday when people ask if I am American! Are you kidding! Not a day goes by I am not asked if I am American! As good as change can be, its nice to keep pieces of who you are. Little pieces that make you who you are, or pieces that a give a place its character. A little reminder of where you came from. In the case of this new home, nothing can mask the beautiful architecture of some of the buildings in b'ham, such as Victoria Square.

Birmingham 2010
Speaking of North America - the tradition of THANKSGIVING was celebrated in b'ham last night! It was lovely! The cold weather could not stop us from having a magnificent feast! All the Canadians and Aussies got together and enjoyed a beautifully cooked turkey, with marvelous sides to go with! Turkey-itis hit me in the head like a pile of bricks! Needless to say I had a great sleep :) Once I get a hold of some photos they will be posted! I am thankful for the wonderful new family of friends that have welcomed mike and I here in this new city. Thankful for wonderful family on all sides who have supported our decision to come out here for a first hand experience. And last but not least, thankful for man who turns my world upside down everyday. You always put me ahead of anything you need, and always ensure I am comfortable and happy. I know this has been a rough beginning but I am happy I am here with you and nonother. <3

* Enjoy what comes to you. Embrace all the familiar and happy faces. Change is good, and in this case, can make you better. Change can make you stronger. It will make you think on your feet, make you do things out of your ordinary, it can make you feel like a new person. Hopefully, a better one.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Song  |sô ng |
A song can do so much for one person. It can sooth someones pain, it can tell someone just how much they mean to them, it can help you drift into a sweet dreamland. This particular song is very. very dear to me. More like this particular version. It is the song that heals, it is the lullaby to ease my restless nights, it is the song that my one and only sings to me. You are my world, you are crippling happiness, you are the one I share this crazy life with. You are the glass that holds my wine: you keep me from falling, you make me tipsy with happiness, you are the one I come to in times of stress and the one to celebrate new found happiness. If there's one thing I can tell you that I know to be true, never-ever under estimate the power of music. Regardless of who is singing or playing, music can do many things for you, for your soul, for your health, for your overall happiness. I am just lucky to have both mixed into one :D

Check out this version of Madman by Thrice - Madman 

Our course is coarsely plotted
On a map of shoddy dreams,
But hindsight will reveal
Time's moving faster than it seems.

Maybe I'm just selfish,
I've got nothing left to give.
I'm still a foolish boy,
I've got a lifetime left to live,

And I was swinging like a madman,

Not quite sure of what I felt,
And I might never understand
Exactly what it was I'd held,
And now I watch the sun descending
From the weathered gravel roof,
And I recall the sky once told me
That all lies lead to the truth.

So I'll look the other way,

And I'll turn a deafened ear,
And I'll talk of distant lands,
Pretend I was never here.

Reality beads on my skin

Like a slicker in the rain,
But now I feel it soaking in
And I begin to feel the pain.
I fight the urge to run to you,
This is how it has to be.
We've gotta step away right now,
We're just too close to see,
And I was swinging like a madman,
Not quite sure of what I felt,
And I might never understand
Exactly what it was I'd held,
And now I watch the sun descending
From the weathered gravel roof,
And I recall the sky once told me
That all lies lead to the truth.

So I'll look the other way,

And I'll turn a deafened ear,
And I'll talk of distant lands,
Pretend I was never here,
And I'll look the other way,
And I'll turn a deafened ear,
And I'll talk distant lands,
Pretend I was never here

When people are out of work there is always a moment of relief, tranquility, and peace. But there is only a fine line between relaxation and the anxiety of being homeless and poor. It's never a win-win situation, at least never in my case. I mean don't get me wrong, I love that I do not have to work everyday, especially after spending the day with rotten little monsters. But I think I've reached that point of slight insanity. My home is becoming a room with four walls that are inescapable. I do not know how people are home bodies because it is driving me NUTS! It changes my mood ten fold. I also think this is where the persistent headache is coming from. It also makes me feel like I should be out there making some moola so that when I do have days off I can go shopping or something, anything really. Although, being on a guaranteed list is fantastic. Guaranteed money is something spectacular. But it keeps me in this feeling of limbo. I am actually hoping to work tomorrow! God help me for I cannot take back those words!

Another contradicting dream is the realization that you cannot see everything you want to see in a given period of time. It sucks, it truly sucks. And the hand behind this broken dream.... money. Doesn't everyone just dream of a money tree? I mean, doesn't have to be large, as long as it keeps on producing those pieces of paper that allow you to have whatever you want. There is no ying & yang when it comes to that type of paper. At least, not in this world. No matter what it takes, I will see the world this year. Somehow. May not be in the most extravagant way, but these eyes will see wonderful things. Just you wait. And as soon as i see them, so will my camera, and then so will you :) 

Keep your eyes open to possibility even when it seems it has abandoned you forever.

Friday, 1 October 2010


I now fully understand why teachers quit and why every classroom has a T.A. to help. These children are MONSTERS. Absolute uncontrollable monsters. Disrespectful beyond belief. BUT then again, while I was on placement last year a young teacher who had also ventured out to England right after finishing school told me, "Your going to want to kill those kids. Your going to think your unqualified and you want to quit. But remember you ARE a first year teacher. It is going to be the first time you are alone in a room with kids. It will seeeeem difficult, but regardless of where you are, you are going to feel the stress of being a new teacher." BEST advice so far, but its SO hard to remember that. I can't even explain how horrible they were. Year 5 = worst class ever. I was yelling at the top of my lungs, so loud I thought I'd loose my voice for a week. But they don't give a fuck. Thank god for only being a supply. Hopefully I'll never have to see those rotten children again! Flip side of things, yesterday I had 2 really great classes :) 

Recently, I have come to a sad, sad realization. There just is not enough money this year to see everything I want to see. Whom ever says they can see the world on nothing, please, tell me your ways. Because right now it's slightly killing my soul :( Another absolute heart stabber is the shopping, or lack/restrained shopping that is happening. For all those who do know me, know that this is one of the worst feelings to me! Does NOT help that everything is really cheap! UGH. 

I feel as though life is almost moving too fast. Even though i JUST started working, I feel like October break is coming soon and I don't have the money to go somewhere big. Such a sad feeling. Today is yet another gloomy England day, raining as if God is putting us through the next flood with no clear skys ahead. boo. 
One of the great pluses to living in the UK is all the AMAZING photos I get to take. My brother would absolutely love it here! So much to see and do. Then again, you would think I'd never get bored. Oh but thats where your mistaken. Very bored sometimes, especially on days like today where you want to go out, but you don't want to get wet. It's just not a winning situation lol. I'm in a somewhat scatter brain mode right now, so I'll end this rant with a see-you-later-alligator :D

Monday, 27 September 2010

I know I am skipping through my london experience here, but these memories are too fresh in my mind. Saturday we woke up to a bright blue blue sky as far as the eye could see. It was a perfect day to start filming. Some kids from San Fran created a video using Phoenix's song Lisztomania. Essentially all it is is people dancing all around San Fran. It was a great idea! Check it out: Phoenix - Lisztomania (SF BRAT PACK MASH UP)

@ the Bullring
Our original idea was for this to be a year long project and film scenes at all the places we were going to travel - Paris, Switzerland, Prague, Spain, Germany, Amsterdam... - but it seems we are now taking a different approach. A video just for Birmingham, as it is our home town now, at least for the next little bit. Let me tell you, standing in the middle of Victoria Square, putting on some beats and just dancing like a crazy person is a weird feeling. At first, NO. But once your up there, someone people smile and enjoy it, others look at you like 'what the fuck are you doing?!'. But in the end we got GREAT footage and we still have lots more to do. Liz, Lish and im sure Cailey will be all over this the next time we film! It's definitely hard to do something when you have few acquaintances and friends around. We were real lucky and got great shots in at the super, crazy, animal kingdom mall we call the Bullring. We ended our amazing day with dinner at Lish and Liz's. It was fantastic! We had a great time chatting it up and although Mike was the only boy he had fun! Can't wait to do it again! Oh the things we spoke about can unfortunately never be repeated! bahahaha lol.

Today I am kinda feeling really shitty :( I can't even sit here and say that I am not a complainer, BA, because all who know me well, know that is exactly me! But I'm glad I am not alone and that I have the most amazing man living with me :D Not only did he take care of me last night, make my lunch, wake me up, read to me, he ALSO walked me to the bus stop this morning at 7am! the apple of me eye. Today since I didn't have to work thank god!... I am trying to feel better and relaxing but it feels like its just getting worse :(

Until it feels like my face & head is released from an invisible monsters giant grip, im burying myself into a hole. :(

Friday, 24 September 2010


Sometimes running wild in a new city is the most exhilarating feeling in the world. Every corner is something new. Every restaurant looks amazing. This is our new jungle to explore. We just haaaapen to live in the one city in England that has the largest shopping centre! ;) 
The BullRing has been a place of frequent visits and strolls. It has also been a place of extreme congestion, unwordly smells, and of course, where anything can happen. 

We were lucky enough to catch some sights of Birmingham's ARTSFEST. Random performances throughout the streets, some feel good old school music, and concerts. ALL FOR FREE! ... free... ahh the most perfect word in the English language. It particularly appeals to the dirt poor student (to which has been my 'job title' for as long as I can remember, UP until now!)or young adults, like myself and Mike, who are just beginning to make their footprint in the world. It was great, and for all my friends who love the arts, you would have thoroughly enjoyed this sight. OH, and not to mention the awesomeness of it all, it was SUNNY! I mean, don't get me wrong, its not like we live in a dungeon where we never see light. It just comes and goes as quickly as candy in my hand :) One minute it is sunny, the next it is pouring down rain. But that's the sacrifice we made by moving here. No more sunny winter days like back at home. From what I hear its more of a cold constant cloudy day. all the time. :( boo.

There are yet SO many more places to see. We've only dipped our toes into a tenth of what is around us. One thing that has become a new favourite is...... PRIMARK! If you've never been to England, its quite the store. Not only is it an animal kingdom inside, but you see the sight of those brown bags roaming through the city like wild fire, an infectious disease really. I mean where else can you go and spend 10 quid on a whole new outfit, which includes SHOES! It's the bubonic plague, everyone has it. (for instance, those cute jean flats you see to your left, 2 pounds!--> this was also at ARTSFEST, we were sitting in a court yard watching some shows). 

Anyhoot, its time to brace the cold today, hop on a double decker, and into town we go. It's Mike's big day to apply for some jobs :) Always have thoughts running through this head, so im sure soon enough will be yet another ramble. lovely :)   

Thursday, 23 September 2010


 "A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step." - Lao Tzu
A new city, a new adventure, a new opportunity. I've just begun to read the novel - this is my tribute/attempt to document my travels over the next year. Read this as a blog, as a diary, as a novel, whatever floats your boat. I realize in documenting all events as they happen it does not give me the chance to edit myself or look back and realize what has happened. So before you begin, I apologize for my backwards thoughts and hypocrisy that may just jump into words. This is the year I leap - looking for new scenery, new people, new traditions, essentially a new life. A life which has already shown itself to conflict with the North American way of living I have grown up in. The life where you feel the constant need to be busy, to always be a step ahead, to always have a plan, and to always over work.

So this is my new beginning. It will not be as structured as - divided like a rosary into 108 perfect little tales. This is the story of a 1-million-thoughts-a-minute girl who sees the world in a whole new light - the story of my life. A life I might add that I am so very happy to share with my one true love (but that story will reveal itself in pieces im sure!). I am happy to say - this is not just a new chapter, but a whole new book to write as I see fit.