Monday, 30 May 2011


Ok, hands down the BEST freaking french toast in the world is at Cafe Rouge.
When I first ordered it, it didnt look like what i expected. It wasn't what you'd get in Canada, no syrup! But after I took the first bite I fell in LOVE! Now the photo I took isnt the greatest because they actually over did it lol but i sent it back and enjoyed a little piece of heaven :) Not only is the french toast amazing but their lattes are also heavenly!! Mike and like to enjoy brunch at cafe rouge on the weekends if we have the time. There nothing like sitting around on a beautiful day and enjoying wonderful food with wonderful company. Thank you UK for showing me Cafe Rouge! :D This is a place I will definitely be taking any guests to when they visit!
 This is what mike usually gets! Eggs Benedict with salmon or ham. There food is so good we already have favorite meals!! haha If you havent had the chance to have petite dejunier at Cafe Rouge...GO!


So I've found my own green thumb! (or at least i'd like to believe so!) So here is the progress of my 3 babies: to-ma-too

 First signs of life began to appear a few weeks after planting!!!

As soon as they sprouted out of the pots the grew incredibly fast!! 

This is probably the most current photo of my babies!! There have been a few short mishaps where i thought they were going to die due to lack of sunshine...but wow did they fix themselves with just a few hours of sunlight!! Amazing :D
Its amazing how something can just fix itself in a few hours when just a moment ago they looked like they were about to die. I suppose humans are a lot alike in that sense, one minute you think all life is over and you just cannot go on... and then something happens to your whole perspective changes. funny isnt it. we are plants.

thought at the moment:

so have you heard about the latest crazy mum in America?? pagent mum BOTOX'S her 8 year olds face because apparently she has wrinkles and its not a nice look! WTF! your kidding. absolutely not! she actually administers the botox herself and its not just one part of the face, its everywhere. so gross. what is wrong with them?

Check out the interview here:

And so apparently she says she made it up.... LIAR. Her daughter was taken away because that boarder lines child abuse and it is an unsafe environment for a child. Thank goodness.