Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Meeting people can be a very daunting task for a lot of people...such as myself. Although, I am in luck. I have a very out-going other half who is always ready to strike up a conversation, thank goodness :) Not only did mike strike up a convo, but this guy he just happened to talk to, is now his boss :) And its a great job hes got going on now :) And we are now lucky to add more friends to our roster here in b-ham!! Last friday they took us out to a charity event in which we had a blast! One of our first real nights out in bham. After a long and exhausting day I found a pair of beautiful pink pumps before I headed home from work and it just made me more excited to go out! Something about getting all doll'd up is just so exciting! Especially when its been a while!! Met lots of new people that night. I have to say, hands down Bobby is the #1 person in the world with a crazy amount of energy!!! We were definitely out danced thats forsure! Oh, did I mention most of the people who attended this charity event were from their gym..... and boy, did we show them how tired you get when you aren't working out! hahaha. 

We also headed up to IKEA with them the next day, after a long day of recovery! How can you not love ikea! Its amazing! IKEA Wednesbury to be exact! Picked up a few things, actually had to restrain myself because I knew we had a big week coming up. 

We did find some cool things though......

 Of course I was the only one who could fit inside this kids tunnel!! And there were mini wine glasses inside!! Teaching them at an early age!!

And we also came across some awesome kitchen sets! Rox and I had a tea party while the boys played football..... and then I baked a cake! bAhahaha

All for this chapter peeps!

Monday, 22 November 2010


OH GOOD GAWD! Today may be number 2 on worst days of work!!! How is it possible for a year 2 child to be soo incredibly rude and disrespectful. England's public education system needs major reconstruction. What happened to the days of being able to physically hit your students, because oh my, I could have beahen some sense into some of the kids today! Horrid. Not only did some girls openly refuse to do what they were told, did not listen to any other adult body. If I had a classroom like this I would want to quit everyday. How dare you refuse the request of your teacher, rotten little buggers. The system must be changed, there must be some type of punishment, loosing play time does nothing, sending them to the head or deputy head also does nothing. They will just continue to do whatever they want once the heat is gone and not looking. And such a shame for I was having such a lovely time at this particular school, reception (kindergarten) for the past 2 weeks was amazing :) Such lovely children, minus the bad apple or two. Please, please, please, please can I just have my own classroom in CANADA! please. 

Let's see, other than that.... there is a wonderful German festival going on in B'ham and we've walked through some of it. They have hot dogs!! or Frankfurt Sausages as they call it! Roasted chicken with potatoes, roasted peanuts, hot apple cider, giant glass pints of beer! A wonderful experience!! We will be checking more of it out once Mike's cousins come to visit next week!! And we are also hitting up the Cadbury Chocolate Factory!!! YUMMMMMM :) Can't wait!!
I've had such a rough day I don't even know what else I want to talk about. Luck is turning around and skies are seeming bluer. Possibilities are opening up and I am glad we are doing this together :) xoxo

Till then, keep calm and carry on :)     

Saturday, 13 November 2010

is everyone ready....YES MISS. H!

Yes, that has been the phrase of my week. It is the phrase that can get me absolute silence. 

A full week of work in the same room is both amazing and exhausting. I've come to love these little bacteria spreading aliens. and I mean bacteria spreading! The other day a child actually coughed a piece of spit into the corner of my EYE! UGH! There and then I had to remind them of what we do when we have to sneeze or cough. THEN I told everyone to take 2 bum spaces backwards! ahaha Not only have I spent a week with them, I am still supplying for yet another week with them! :D They have been trained to respond to a little musical tune. Its actually quite amazing, I am astonished every time. As loud as the room may get, as soon as they hear "Is everyone ready?" or "Is everyone listening?" they hear it and stop what they are doing and yell back "YES MISS. H" its lovely! If I haven't mentioned it, they are a reception class, for all those back at home, this is Kindergarten! lol. love it! I could rant and rave about all my escapades in reception but I think I am out of that bottle of energy. They are quite the class though :) I am hoping this is my foot in the door with this school, because its close, I can sleep a little longer in the morning, and they are great kids! 

So although working everyday is fantastic, it doesn't leave me with much time or energy after work. But that's what weekends are for right?! Speaking of weekends, this weekend (today) was the Christmas parade in the city centre, and man I haven't seen that many people crammed into one space! But it was nice, and they had nice lights hanging from all over. And it may be cold outside, but people seem to dress like its freaking summer outside! Don't understand?! It's been a nice relaxing weekend, we even put up a Christmas tree this week!! It's fantastic! I will post a picture up soon! 

Also today we found out that the only place in Birmingham to sell Jelly Belly's is Selfridges and its 2.99/100 grams! Insane!! It equals out to about maybe 2 handfuls. Where is sugar mountain!! (miss that place)....we got some anyways! :) And man are they tasty!!! :D Thats all i got for now....

Till then.... KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON! (gonna live in Britain, might as well act like them! haha)

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Oh how I remember how excited I was to begin a blog and so very keen on updating frequently.... then life happened, and 100% pure laziness happened. There have been so many thoughts, contemplations, opinions, statements, stories that I have now long forgotten. So this shall be my attempt to remember said thoughts....

First off, let me say that being a supply teacher in the UK is 100% completely different than being at home in Canada. I just had a nice relaxing week off for mid-term breaks... as if these kids worked hard enough to deserve a mid-term break anyway. I think its more so a break for the teachers, so they don't commit suicide or something. The week was great, went to Liverpool, saw the history of the Beatles....AMAZING, def something you should see if you are a Beatles fan, and really, who doesn't heart the beatles! weirdos! FYI - Abbey Road is NOT IN LIVERPOOL (birthplace of the Beatles if you weren't aware). ITS IN FREAKING LONDON! Came as a shock, because we were very much looking forward to walking along Abbey Road. Also speaking of London, all the original Monopoly Streets are there, so at one point we are going to do a Monopoly tour in London! yeah :) Liverpool also has some amazing buildings... amazing architecture, my brother would really enjoy this place! Back on track, so I am back to work this week, or well at least I hope to be, but how many teachers have sick days after having a week off? So, needless to say, my holiday has continued. I can't decide if this is good or bad: good because I get more time off, bad because I am getting bored from not working and because I am not working I have no money. fu*k. 

: Click here for more pix of Liverpool

hmmm... what else..... OH YES, this new fad here in the UK is crippling. It becomes an absolute need, not just want..... SUPERDRY. Dam those Japanese for making such an amazing wicked cool brand. I know Superdry has been sold at Pacific Mall, but here its like everyone has a Superdry coat. EVERYONE. We traveled to far and distant places to obtain this most prized possession. Mike was lucky and they had one in his size, medium, the one size there is always triple of. I on the other unfortunate hand, have had to order mine online and patiently wait for its arrival :(  
(superdry tanget done.)

As life would have it, my attention is needed elsewhere...