Sunday, 25 September 2011

a loss of moral fibre.

Other than being asked if I am American, the next most popular question is "why do you think Canadian children are better? More behaved?" and its so hard to answer that without sounding like a complete asshole. But its not a surprise that people all over the world are aware of the unbelievably bad behaviour of England's youth. Before I moved here to teach, every single person must have asked me "WHY".... "they are terrible over there" .... and they are terrible, no exaggeration needed. This is my theory: a) people here have nothing to fear, no one to fear actually. Their police do not carry guns but little batons, wtf will you do with that. b) parenting is non existent, well, in many parts of the UK at least. Children are having children. What kind of a government awards young mothers who have no future, no education, and no job? Young mothers are entitled to their own place to live if they have a child. This is only creating the same circumstance for the next generation. Why work hard and get an education to get me a job to get myself a house when I can get knocked up and get my own place for free with government help and aid. Hard work seems to be a fairytale for many of the youth here. I see it in my own children, behaving and acting like their own parents. Not only that, but a lot of the time its single parents. They don't know how to raise their children because half the time, they are children themselves. c) They are too spoiled. I don't see why it is so bad to implement a little bit of hard disciple in your own house. I see parents trying to bribe their own children for good behaviour in school because they are tired of having to come into school and talk to the teachers day in, day out about the terrible behaviour. BRIBES?! It should be expected and nothing less. I feel people here have no balls to put a foot down, which seems ridiculous. Expectations should be set from day 1, there should NEVER EVER be a question about authority. The child should NEVER have the expectation that they always win and the parent listens to them. Never. How is it even possible that the youth here walk all over their own parents. Unsightly.
Now, for those of you who enjoy the BBC, there is a series called Worlds Strictest Parents, which should really just be called good parenting. In these shows they take the magnificent youths of the UK and ship them off to somewhere else in the world for a week in 'hopes' they change and become a human being. I love watching it but at the same time, I get so frustrated with what I see. England was once a great country that produced well educated fine human beings. That has gone down the shit hole. The youth of the UK have no idea what moral fibre is, they have no concept of what it is like to have respect for anyone or anything. They do not know how to behave in any situation, they believe that everything should just be given to them and they have no manners what so ever. They are degradation of English society. It blows my mind to see these teenagers come on the show, act as if they were raised by animals and have no concept of the world around them. I see this development at work all the time and its really sad. 90% of the children who come onto this show come from a broken family, rarely is it two parents and even more rare its the two original parents. And again, most of these single moms had their kids when they were very young. They let their children push them around for years and I suppose they come on this show because they finally can't take it. Ever heard of tough love, fucking dish that shit out. I saw an episode today and for the first time, the young girl actually was in a private boarding school and got kicked out. First off, private school in the UK is hella expensive. Second, she could have gone to a state school and saved her family a ton of money because she learned nothing from being there. Spoiled brat is what she is. Also a mixed race, which she hated. Don't know why because she's gorgeous, half black people are always good looking. Every teen that has been on this show believes that because their parents brought them into the world, they are expected to pay their way for everything. Education seems to not matter to anyone in the UK. With the option of leaving school at 14 (or 16) a lot of them do. And they are only sent away for 1 week. In my opinion there is NO WAY these kids actually change. Its not nearly enough time, maybe enough for them to think they can change, but not actually do it. I've never seen anyone behave the way these teens behave. If I ever, ever, had a child like any of these, no way you would be living under my roof. They are disrespectful beyond believe, beyond tolerance. It was actually very hard for me to watch todays episode because I was in pure shock and horror at their behaviour. And im no prize child, I know what its like to be 16 and to have no cares, but omg, this is a completely different story. This is our human race going backwards in development. World's Strictest Parents....please. They are real parents plain and simple, and I am happy to know that I was raised by true parents. If the UK doesn't change, there society will be at the bottom of the feeding pool. An Uneducated, unmotivated, disrespectful society. I guess thats why upper society is trying its hardest to keep what they can of the elite and prestigious lifestyle. It really is a society that is disappearing. So if you get a chance, check out that show on the BBC. My advice to the UK... good luck.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

little bit of this. little bit of that.

amazing how time fly's when you have nothing to do. Since supply work is at a minimum I figured it was time I start updating this baby. Hard to imagine a full year has passed me by. 

Recently I came across a BBC episode about mixed races, and are they better. I found it very interesting because my own brother will have a mixed race child. They 'say' that because the gene pools are so different and come from different parts of the world they have a very unique gene selection. If you really stop and think that well the human species has only been around for roughly 200,000 years, and the animal species in general starting at 590,000,000 years ago, we are a young species. In this documentary they talk about how Europe has the most inbred type of human. Not inbred like I am going to have babies with my cousin, more like when the Europeans migrated there 40,000 years ago, there were only about 1000 people. So everyone is some how related if you look back far enough. This makes the two genes from both parents very similar, whereas a mixed breed child will have two genes that are very different. It makes total sense. Take a look at Tiger Woods, Lewis Hamilton, OBAMA, Lenny Kravitz, Halle Berry, The Rock! All amazing in what they do. Super athletes. As a human race there is only a 0.10% of difference. We all look the same and have similar builds and characteristics. No wonder some people put up such a fight to "be different". I think if I was exposed to this type of science while in my learning years, I would have loved to pursue something in this field. I just find it absolutely interesting. Eventually this world will all be mixed race, and when that happens we will have created a better, stronger species than our own. Plus, in most cases, these mixed children are gorgeous! So ponder that. 

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Gotta love how every morning at that dredful hour seems like everyone in the city is trying to get to work. It sucks. A 15 minute commute becomes doubled. And this is all just for the possibility of work. Gross isn't it.

And why do all teenagers have to be so dam annoying? Is this a characteristic that they all inherit, and some just never grow out of it??

I hate that 90% of everything starts at the same time. It should be staggered with schools starting at 930 or 10am :)
Sounds brilliant to me!!

Monday, 12 September 2011

To strive, to seek, to find,
And not to yield.


It is said that a Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to. I travelled back home to the motherland of Canada and it could not have been better. Well, the weather could have been better but compared to living in the UK, it was a tropical destination! 3 weeks flew by within a blink of an eye, I could not believe it. I wish I could have had more time with my family and friends. I know a year flew by which makes me feel like it will be alright, because I will be home before I know it. But still, it sucks going back. I also fell into some information while being home, families are expanding left, right and centre! I cannot wait to be back next year to see the new borns growing up and the new to come :) 


We hesitantly boarded our plane back to Birmingham, and surprisingly no one cried! hahaa. The flight was alright, because we were flying in the evening it wasn't nearly as tiring as flying to Canada when we had to get up at 4:30am! We arrived back home to find that our luggages were the LAST to be unloaded. I nearly fainted to think they had almost lost our luggage on a single way flight... it does happen! It took me a few days to re-adjust to the time zones... all this means is that I slept for days upon days while Mike unfortunately had to go straight to work the day we flew in :(

After my jet-leg was gone, I popped back into the Birmingham citee centa (thats how a British folk would say it! lol) it almost felt like the first year, seeing everything again for the first time. I had totally forgotten about the riots and was wondering why all the shops looked so brand new and re-modeled.... DUH! lol. School was just starting up again shortly after we arrived home, which only meant that here come the headaches! 

We fiiiinally decided to go bowling! Mike and I were wanting to go the whole first year we moved to the UK. It finally happened :) It was great! Except for the fact that I was pretty much taking home the final title when Bobby decided to really focus and beat me by 2 points. TWO POINTS! damnit. But overall, a great chance to finally get some cheap-o drinks and see a few familiar faces :) 
Dam look at me tanned, can't england be nice and sunny so i can stay that colour forever?? pleaasseee :( 

Well I think this concludes my gabbling for today. Cheers matey!