Monday, 4 June 2012

life in fast forward

So much has happened in the last 3 months I haven't had the chance to pop on and tell you all about it.
In the last 60 days I have worked 12 hour days, dipped my toes in the Alboran Sea, ate traditional paella made by family run resto on a mountain village, walked through the ancient walls of the Edinburgh Castle, took my class to the farm, enjoyed a taste of high society in Chelsea, and am currently witnessing history and celebrating the Queens Jubilee with family and friends.

amo EspaƱa 

(April 2012)

A nice relaxing trip down to Spain was just what the doctor ordered :) We ate lots of tapas, meals by the beach and soaked up the sun. Whenever I find myself in a new country I feel like this is it, this is the life i want. I just want to be a beach bum and live where there is lots of sun and relaxing vibes. I want to live in a place where there is no 'high street' and you just live in beach wear forever. A place where the beach and the water is just a walk away. But then reality sinks in and then I am reminded of my constant crave for being a busy body and just my sheer nature would eventually get bored. But its a nice thought. 
Spain was magnificent and it will be a place I frequent in the future. The food was delicious every time and there are so many little towns and villages that can be visited on the weekends. Where we visited, it seemed like that part of Spain was almost 'stuck' in the past but in a good way. They live the simple life, the kind that everyone craves when they are on vacation. Plus, migrating to Spain wouldn't be so bad, the boarder control already thought I was from there after looking at my last name :D 
Speaking of which, I found my dwellings on a mountain village called Mojacar, there was a HUERTO street! Right beside a school at that, I think it was a sign :D

The Great North
Edinburgh, Scotland

We took a weekend away to celebrate my coming into the old club in May. Before we hit the road we stopped into Browns for a few birthday drinks.

Scotland is absolutely beautiful in a dark and gloomy way. The architecture matches the weather you will experience. In one day it rained, was sunny, snowed and hailed. Then repeated itself 5 hours later. They also make some of the most beautiful tartan I have ever seen. I would love to see more of Scotland sometime in the future. 

My dream neighborhood... Chelsea, London
The Chelsea Flower Show

The weather could not have been more perfect. After living with such shit weather England was hit with a two week heat wave which was much needed. You know your at a high society event when there are champagne tents :D My kinda world. 
The flowers were gorgeous and the people were posh. We had a fantastic day :) Some amazing gardens I would love to have at some point in life. Lunch consisted of ice cream and a sit down in the grass. After the flower show we thought some food of substance would be a good idea. We randomly found a food festival with everything you could think of so picked up some lunch and sat a park. 

At this random food festival we also found a gigantic couch with graffiti all over it. Apparently a company was celebrating its 100 years in service and is donating this couch/gigantic bed to charity after everyone has had a chance to leave their mark. So obviously I had to get my name on this :) It was the last day so space was limited and markers were running low, but we found a tiny corner. I had to make my Canadian mark!

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