Saturday, 7 April 2012

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On March 31st, 2012 Alicia and I decided it could be fun to play pretend for the day. We got all dressed up, high heels and all and headed for Park Lane, London. We thought we had planned everything out perfectly, which means we did not think of checking the time at any point. Once we finally arrived at the Four Seasons thinking we were early, we were in fact 30 minutes late. opps. :s 
High Tea and champagne is something I can definitely get used to. Might have just been the best champagne I have ever had, considering it was probably £20 for one glass. If we had managed to disguise ourselves this far, I think the jig was up when we asked each other, "how do we eat these 2 bite sandwiches, forks or is it finger food?" unsure we glanced around at the other tables, which were of no help. surprise, surprise. At this point I thought forget this, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I will probably never repeat and grabbed the little sandwich with my fingers....and busted out my camera. 

Harrods was next on the agenda, but it became far too crowded and IF I ever became a ritzy posh lady I don't know if I could handle shopping there. But it was fun to look at bags that cost 4 months rent lol. After finding our way out decided to get some real food, and by real food, I mean British pub food. All the cakes and sugar from the day were starting to make me feel a bit ill. I am proud of myself for managing to stay in my heels all day! I have stopped wearing high heels mainly because of work, and man was it a mission to break in a new pair on that Saturday (more like bad idea). Oh right, and London being the magnificent city that it is (insert sarcasm), tubes were down and Lish and I were forced to walk down a very, very narrow set of stairs, probably in and around 3 flights, and all I could think was "please, please do not fall." You know that feeling when your in 4 inch heels and the more you think about something the more you freak yourself out. YEAH, that was happening. THANK GOODNESS I made it, because I tell ya, it was a close one! 

Fancy tea is one thing I can tick off my checklist :) Next on the agenda, relaxing in Spain and then a weekend away to see castles in Edinburgh. Time is officially ticking now that moving back to the homeland is a reality. 

Oh ya, Alicia has also documented this day, which can be found by clicking here.

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