Tuesday, 14 February 2012

coffee dates & love day

I am in love with trying new coffee! Its a shame I didn't snap any more pictures of yesterday, but it was a lovely afternoon with the ladies in a small independent coffee shop in Bham called 6/8 Kawfe (not sure if that is spelt correctly) but it was fantastic! Delish home baked cookies, little leaf prints on your coffee and the cutest set of cups and saucers. There is something about going out for coffee as an event that is just like nothing else. It allows for great conversations and bonding time. It gives us a break from all the busy lives to catch up with each other, support each other and really enjoy each others company. And we definitely do not do it enough. I wish everyone could realize how important friends are. Being in a relationship or single, its that extra support that you can't get from your other half. And its so hard to think that at the end of the year when we have all moved to the various parts of the world, there won't be that coffee date anymore. We have all shared such an amazing experience together. And as wonderful Kris put it, for all of us to pick up and move to a different country, we all have such a great deal of independence in ourselves to have been able to do it. And I suppose with such busy lives you kind of forget that ya, we are amazing, and are on a trip of a lifetime, and how lucky are we have each other. So ladies, LOVE YOU ALL :)

Today while strolling through town with Kris I picked up this lovely French Vanilla which I am just about to pop into my coffee machine. Cannot wait! 
I suppose some habits are really hard to kick, because trust me, the 'I am giving up coffee because its bad for you and stains your teeth' excuse has word vomited out of my mouth more times than I can remember. Old habits die hard, must be a truce to that and I think I am testament to that :s

VERDICT IS: fantastic coffee Beanies! Sat down with coffee in hand, and some home backed peanut crunch muffins! yummm

oh yeah,

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!! Make sure to tell the person/people whom you love that you care about them!

Babe, I am sending all my lovin to you :)

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